interesting  EVENTS on the 20th of JULY

  • 1903 ~ The Ford Motor Company shipped its first car.
  • 1940 ~  The first freeway in California opened.
  • 1944 ~ Adolf Hitler survived an assassination attempt.
  • 1968 ~ The first International Special Olympics Summer Games.
  • 1969 ~ Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin first to walk on Moon.
  • 1976 ~ American Viking 1 landed on Mars.
  • 1982 ~ Hyde Park and Regents Park bombings.

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BiRTHS of interesting PEOPLE on the 20th of JULY

  • 356 BC ~ Alexander The Great (Macedonian king / died 323 BC)
  • 1929 ~ Hazel Hawke (1st wife of Bob Hawke / died 2013)
  • 1945 ~ Kim Carnes (singer-songwriter)
  • 1947 ~ Carlos Santana (singer-songwriter & guitarist – Santana)
  • 1953 ~ Dave Evans (AC/DC & Rabbit)
  • 1953 ~ Marcia Hines (singer)
  • 1964 ~ Terri Irwin (zoologist & author)
  • 1976 ~ Andrew Stockdale (Wolfmother)
  • 1980 ~ Gisele Bündchen (model & actress)

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DEATHS of interesting PEOPLE on the 20th JULY

  • 1937 ~ Guglielmo Marconi (physicist & Nobel Prize laureate)
  •  1969 ~ Roy Hamilton (singer)
  •  1973 ~ Bruce Lee (actor / martial artist)
  •  1999 ~ Sandra Gould (actress)
  •  2011 ~ Lucian Freud (painter)

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356BC ~ Alexander The Great, the Macedonian king was born (died 323 BC).

1738 ~ Canadian explorer Pierre Gaultier de Varennes et de La Vérendrye reached the western shore of Lake Michigan.

1807 ~ Nicéphore Niépce was awarded a patent by Napoleon for the Pyréolophore, the world’s first internal combustion engine, which successfully powered a boat upstream on the river Saône in France.

1810 ~ Citizens of Bogotá, New Granada declared independence from Spain.

1871 ~ British Columbia joined the confederation of Canada.

1903 ~ The Ford Motor Company shipped its first car.

1929 ~ Hazel Hawke the Australian wife of Bob Hawke was born (died 2013).

1937 ~ Guglielmo Marconi the Italian physicist and Nobel Prize laureate died (born 1874).

1940 ~  Arroyo Seco Parkway, the first freeway in California opened.

1944 ~ Adolf Hitler survived an assassination attempt led by German Army Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, during World War II.

1945 ~ Kim Carnes the  American singer-songwriter was born.

1945 ~ John Lodge the English singer-songwriter and bass player from The Moody Blues was born.

1947 ~ Carlos Santana the Mexican-American singer-songwriter and guitarist from Santana was born.

1949 ~ Israel and Syria signed a truce to end their 19 month war.

1953 ~ Dave Evans the Welsh-Australian singer-songwriter from AC/DC and Rabbit was born.

1953 ~ Marcia Hines the American-Australian singer and actress was born.

1954 ~ Jay Jay French the American guitarist from Twisted Sister.

1956 ~ Paul Cook the English drummer from the Sex Pistols was born.

1958 ~ Mick MacNeil the Scottish keyboard player and songwriter from Simple Minds was born.

1960 ~ The Polaris missile was successfully launched from a submarine for the first time. It was launced from the USS George Washington.

1962 ~ Lee Harris the English drummer from Talk Talk was born.

1964 ~ Chris Cornell the American singer-songwriter and guitarist from Soundgarden and Audioslave was born.

1964 ~ Terri Irwin the  American-Australian zoologist and author was born.

1966 ~ Stone Gossard the American singer-songwriter and musician from Pearl Jam and Mother Love Bone was born.

1967 ~ Courtney Taylor-Taylor the American singer-songwriter and guitarist from The Dandy Warhols was born.

1968 ~ The first International Special Olympics Summer Games were held at Soldier Field in Chicago, with approximately 1,000 athletes with intellectual disabilities.

1969 ~ Apollo 11’s crew made the first landing on the Moon in the Sea of Tranquility. Later that day Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to walk on the Moon.

1969 ~ Roy Hamilton the American singer died (born 1929).

1973 ~ Bruce Lee the American actor and martial artist died (born 1940).

1976 ~ The American Viking 1 lander landed on Mars.

1976 ~ Andrew Stockdale the Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist from Wolfmother  was born.

1977 ~ Johnstown, Pennsylvania was hit by a flash flood that killed 80 people,  and caused $350 million in damage.

1977 ~ The Central Intelligence Agency released documents under the Freedom of Information Act that revealed it had engaged in mind control experiments.

1980 ~ Gisele Bündchen the Brazilian model and actress was born.

1982 ~ The Provisional IRA detonated 2 bombs in Hyde Park and Regents Park in central London. There were 8 soldiers killed, 47 people wounded, and 7 horses killed in the Hyde Park and Regents Park bombings.

1992 ~ Václav Havel resigned as president of Czechoslovakia.

1997 ~ The fully restored USS Constitution (aka Old Ironsides) celebrated its 200th birthday by setting sail for the first time in 116 years.

1999 ~ Sandra Gould the American actress died (born 1916).

2011 ~ Lucian Freud the German-English painter died (born 1922).

2012 ~ James Eagan Holmes, the identified gunman killed 12 people and injured 58 others when he opened fire at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado,

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