WWW 1st World Wide Web Logo designed by Robert Cailliau 3 x Ws white green graphic emblem
The 1st WWW Logo for the World Wide Web ~ designed by Robert Cailliau (1990)


The World Wide Web (WWW) also known as The Web is an information system (iS) of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via the Internet with a web browser, to view web pages on websites such as www.Azoosh.com, and navigate between text, images, videos, and other multimedia via hyperlinks.

The World Wide Web explained in plain English 

Find out how the Internet actually works, without all the jargon…YouTube video: World Wide Web in Plain English (video by Century Link ~ www.CenturyLink.com) 

The Stuff of Genius ~ The World Wide Web

Nowadays the internet is a big part of our lives, but how did it all begin?..Take a closer look at the man who changed the world,  and invented the world wide web…How Stuff Works YouTube videos ~ www.HowStuffWorks.com

How the WORLD WiDE WEB just happened

Tim Berners-Lee the British computer scientist and employee of CERN (home.web.CERN.ch ~ a European research organisation near Genevawrote a proposal in March 1989 for what eventually become the World Wide Web.

Video: Tim Berners-Lee is a self-confessed geek, talking about the importance of being in the right place and the right time in this video, when he put together the pieces and made the World Wide Web…YouTube video: How the World Wide Web just happened ~ Tim Berners-Lee (video published: 24th June 2012 uploaded by DoLectures ~ DoLectures.com).  

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Tim Berners Lee and the Invention of the World Wide Web at Cern video uploaded for the ISE100 course offered at National College, South bend, Indiana. Released into the Public Domain by Gerard Arthus under the Creative Commons License. (read more)

Surfing The Web in the 1990s on the Information Superhighway

Video: A flashback to how the World Wide Web was in 1995 in the following video: Discovering the World Wide Web (1995) from the Internet Revealed Series (Tape 4). These VHS video tapes instruct students and teachers in the limitless educational possibilities of this new thing called The Web, explaining in detail how the Information Superhighway works, and giving schools an easy on-ramp to Cyberspace…

History of the World Wide Web NAME & LOGO: Why isn’t the World Wide Web called world-wide web, with a hyphen? & why is the WWW logo green?…

WWW 1st World Wide Web Logo designed by Robert Cailliau 3 x Ws white green graphic emblem
The 1st WWW Logo for the World Wide Web ~ designed by Robert Cailliau (1990)

In 1990, months before there was a shred of code (for what is now known as the World Wide Web)Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau  wanted to find a good name for the project. Sometimes after a hard day’s work in the warm offices they drank a beer on the CERN cafeteria terrace before going home. On one such occasion Tim Berners-Lee came up with World-Wide WebRobert Cailliau would’ve preferred something shorter, but to find a catchy name wasn’t easy for them. Robert agreed to use WWW for the new document that was to go to management, and decided to find a better name later. WWW was eventually kept, as it summarised well what it was.

The hyphen in World-Wide Web was there for a long time,  but it confused people who were not so grammatical, and Tim Berners-Lee finally cut the knot by stating that he had the right to decide how it was written since he had invented it, without the hyphen.

WHY is the original WWW LOGO GREEN?

WWW Logo pin badge 1st World Wide Web conference designed by Robert Cailliau collectable gold metal edge green enamel
The original WWW Logo produced as a commemorative pin badge for the participants of the 1st WWW Conference (source: sent by Robert Cailliau via email for a Wikinews interview on 6th August 2007)

The original WWW logo was green because Robert Cailliau is a synaesthete, which is a person seeing characters in colours,  and perceived a W as green. Robert liked that, so the WWW logo was then made from three Ws: white, light green and darker green.

The original WWW Logo was produced as a commemorative pin badge (see photo above) for the participants of the 1st International Conference on the World-Wide Web in Geneva on the 25-27th May 1994.  

See the full transcript of the Wikinews interview:  Wikinews interviews World Wide Web co-inventor Robert Cailliau (Thursday16th August 2007).

Robert Cailliau the co-Inventor of the World Wide Web  talks about the early days of the web, Gopher, the design of HTML, how the web changed when new browsers such as Mosaic were introduced for the PC and Mac, and talks about how the first web browser and server was developed. The interview on this video was recorded July 1999…


Sir Timothy Berners-Lee (OM|KBE|FRS|FREng|FRSA|DFBCS) aka Tim Berners-Lee or TimBL, the British computer scientist, best known as the inventor of the World Wide Web, was born on the 8 June 1955. Tim Berners-Lee’s website: www.w3.org/People/Berners-Lee | Twitter.com/TimBerners_Lee verified | Tim on TED

Robert Cailliau the Flemish informatics engineercomputer scientist, and co-developer of the World Wide Web was born on the 26th January 1947. Robert Cailliau’s website: www.RobertCailliau.eu

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