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Junior MasterChef Australia 2020 on Channel 10 Play cooking show contestants photo winner Georgia 11 year old girl

The Junior MasterChef TV cooking competition series originated in the United Kingdom, and was first broadcast by the BBC in 1994, until 1999. The show was a spin-off from the original MasterChef, which began in the UK in 1990. The junior series grew in popularity around the World, and has now been produced in 28 countries.

Junior MasterChef Australia 2020 ~ series 3

MasterChef’s next BiG thing ~ Junior MasterChef 2020
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NEWS update : Tuesday 13th July 2021

WA’s First MasterChef Winner Justin Narayan (10 News First YouTube channel video)

Who won MasterChef Australia 2021?

Justin Narayan

27 year old Youth Pastor from Western Australia

Justin Narayan was crowned MasterChef Australia champion for 2021 on Tuesday the 13th of July 2021

Justin won the MasterChef finale, by only one point ahead of frontrunner Pete Campbell, the 36 year old Tattoo Artist from NSW. In 3rd place was Kishwar Chowdhury the 38 year old Printing Business Owner from Victoria.

Justin Narayan wins MasterChef 2021 – The runner-ups Pete and Kishwar share their epic experience (Studio 10 verified YouTube channel video)

1st place winner Justin Narayan takes home a grand prize of $250,000

Justin is the 1st person from Western Australia to ever win MasterChef.


Justin gets his inspiration from his family of Fijian and Indian heritage, which he is the first generation to be born in Australia. His mum is among his biggest inspiration, and he says she is the best cook he knows. He is the eldest of 3 siblings, and very close to his Parti (grandmother) who recently passed, and Tata (grandfather), as they always watched cooking shows together, and he also loved cooking for them. Justin recently married his fiancée Esther.

Is MasterChef Winning Justin Narayan Cooking Up A New Project With Bromance Bud Pete? (The Project YouTube channel video)

Justin started cooking when he was 13 years old. In 2017 he travelled to India where he fell in love with the Indian culture, the history, people and the food, which he now has a strong understanding of the Indian flavours, which he gravitates towards savoury side over the sweet dishes.

Justin was a youth pastor, which he recently resigned from doing so he could chase his culinary dreams. He also put his Masters’ study on hold when he tried out for MasterChef. Justin would one day love to have a food truck or restaurant featuring the Indian flavours he grew up eating, which the profits could go to helping feed and educate children living in the slums of India.

more information about Justin Narayan : 10play MasterChef contestant profile on Justin | Justin’s instagram

2021 MasterChef Australia season 13 started @ 7:30pm Monday 19th April 2021 on Channel 10

2021 MasterChef Australia features some of the world’s most loved and recognizable chefs including Nigella Lawson, Heston Blumenthal, Yotam Ottolenghi, Massimo Bottura and Clare Smyth, plus local chefs Curtis Stone, Poh Ling Yeow, Kirsten Tibballs, Callum Hann, Darren Purchese, Reynold Poernomo, Wolf-Tasker, and Scott Pickett.

Who are the 2021 judges of MasterChef Australia?

Melissa Leong, Jock Zonfrillo and Andy Allen, the 3 new judges from the previous season will all return in 2021.

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