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Welcome to AZOOSH

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Welcome to a refreshing new way to look at the weird and wonderful World Wide Web from A to Z,  with AZOOSH ! ! ! . . . it’s only just begun..

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more about the website… was launched today on the World Wide Web, on this 6th day of December 2013, on to the internet. The website is a work in progress, which endeavours to be an excellent and easy to use guide to the entire World Wide Web on the Internet. will show you from A to Z what’s Amazing, Beautiful, Creative, Delightful, Educational, Funny, Geeky, Historical, inspirational, Jolly, Knowledgeable, Luxurious, Mystifying, Natural, Optimistic, Philosophical, Quaint, Refreshing, Social, Technical, Unique,  Vital, Weird, Xenolithic, Yearly and Zany on the World Wide Web.

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Welcome aboard the Azoosh platform, where we are all passengers aboard the same Spaceship Earth, travelling in the Universe in search of knowledge, peace and happiness. 

We wish you an enjoyable virtual journey with Azoosh… 

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AZOOSH & The A to Z of The World and beyond…

The complete A to Z of the entire World Wide Web has begun…

Merry Christmas to you and your family from ~ December 2013

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