SEPTEMBER 8th ~ This Day in History video by History.com ~ 1974 : Ford pardoned Nixon | & more about history on this day in the video… In a controversial executive action, President Gerald Ford pardoned his disgraced predecessor Richard Nixon for any crimes he may have committed or participated in while in office. Ford later defended this action before the House Judiciary Committee, explaining that he wanted to end the national divisions created by the Watergate scandal.

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1504 ~ Michelangelo’s David was unveiled in Florence.

1551 ~ Foundation day in Vitória, Brazil

1888 ~ The first travel of Isaac Peral’s submarine in Spain, which was the first practical submarine ever made.

1888 ~ The body of Jack the Ripper’s second murder victim, Annie Chapman, was found in London.

1892 ~ The Pledge of Allegiance was first recited.

1900 ~ Galveston Hurricane in Texas killed about 8000 people.

1926 ~ Germany was admitted to the League of Nations.

1930 ~ 3M began marketing Scotch transparent tape.

1944 ~ London was hit by a V-2 rocket for the first time, during World War II.

1966 ~ The Severn Bridge was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II.

1966 ~ The first Star Trek series premiered on NBC.

1974 ~ US President Gerald Ford pardoned former President Richard Nixon for any crimes Nixon may have committed while in office, in the Watergate Scandal.

1988 ~ Yellowstone National Park was closed for the first time in U.S. history due to fires.

1991 ~ The Republic of Macedonia became independent.

1994 ~ USAir Flight 427 crashed killing all 132 aboard on approach to Pittsburgh International Airport in clear weather, resulting in the most extensive aviation investigation in world history, which altered  manufacturing practices in the industry.

2004 ~ NASA’s unmanned spacecraft Genesis crash landed when its parachute failed to open.

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