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See the race for the most popular search engines from 1994 to 2019

Video by Data is Beautiful uploaded in September 2019 ~ over 906,000 views


list updated :  30th January 2021

Welcome to the most comprehensive list of all search engines on the World Wide Web. This list contains over 50 search engines used for searching words, images, videos, blogs, archives, forums, message boards and social media content on over 1.74 billion websites on the internet. The list also contains some privacy protected search engines that don’t track your searches, or store your personal information. Some of the search engines included in the list also donate a large percentage of their profits to helping the environment when you use them.


AltaVista search engine in 1999

AltaVista was established in 1995, and became one of the most popular early search engines, before Google became more popular. AltaVista was purchased by Yahoo! in 2003, which retained the brand, but based all searches on its own Yahoo search engine.

AltaVista search engine in 2003
Before Google, there was Altavista ~ Gary Explains (2019 video)


AOL Search

Aol internet search engine website page 2018

AOL Search claims you will “Search less and discover more with their search service, which promises to deliver comprehensive web results enhanced by Google™ along with quick, easy access to relevant videos, pictures, local maps, news, stock quotes and more.” 

AOL originally known as America Online, purchased the WebCrawler search engine in 1995, and sold it in the following year to Excite, which made Excite the only search and directory service on AOL. When the deal with Excite closed in 1997, AOL launched NetFind, its own branded search engine, until 1999 when it was renamed AOL Search.

The website was ranked number 320 in the World & number 128 in USA on the 30th January 2021 [in September 2018 AOL was 312 in the World & 90 in USA]
an early AOL TV commercial from 1995)


The Internet Archive

The internet archive library website search for free books movies software music 2018

The Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more. Read more about the Internet Archive & more info at Archive

The website was ranked number 267 in the World on the 1st September 2018



Ask search engine website 2018 screenshot red logo

Ask is an answer focused service, originally known as Ask Jeeves, founded in 1996 by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen in Berkeley, California. Ask provides online searchers with answers to questions posed in everyday, natural language. With insurmountable competition from Google by 2010, the company outsourced its web search technology and returned to its roots as a question and answer site. Ask has served over 100 million users with answers. 

 The website was ranked number 130 in the World on the 1st September 2018
How to Ask Jeeves a Question (eHow verified video from 2008)



Baidu search engine 2018 screenshot Chinese paw print logo website number 1 in China

Baidu is for Chinese language searching of websites, audio files, and images. It’s the 2nd biggest in the World, and biggest in China, with 75% of all searches done with Baidu. Launched in 2003. Baidu is known as The Google of China.

The website was ranked number 4 in the World & number 1 in China on the 1st September 2018
What is Baidu? ~ explained by Uptin Saiidi at CNBC



Bing search engine 2018 website screenshot bird photo

Bing is owned and operated by Microsoft. It was the replacement for Live Search in 2009. Bing is the 2nd largest desktop search engine in the United States, with a search volume of about 20% (Google gets over 60% of all searches in the USA).

The website was ranked number 23 in the World on the 1st September 2018
Why Bing Continues to Innovate as a Search Engine ~ Eric Enge video (2019)


Blackle search engine 2018 website screenshot logo Heap Media

Blackle is a search website powered by Google Custom Search, which aims to save energy by displaying a black background, with the use of a grayish-white font color for search results. Blackle has saved over 4 MWh of electrical energy since founded in January 2007 (up to November 2013). Read more about Blackle

The website was ranked number 61,200 in the World on the 1st September 2018



Blog Search Engine searches for blogs on the internet.

The website was ranked number 277,582 in the World on the 14th November 2020



BoardReader searches for online forums and message boards for specific subjects and topics you are interested in. Find places to chat online, that existed before Facebook and Twitter.

The BoardReader website was ranked number 62,821 in the World on the 13th October 2020


CC Search

CC Search is a search website for creators to search through over 500 million copyright-free images available for reuse. All the images are openly licensed, public domain works.

The CC Search website was ranked number 4984 in the World on the 23rd September 2020
How to Search for Creative Commons Images by Richard Byrne (YouTube video)


Direct Hit

Direct Hit search engine was founded in 1998 by Gary Cullis and Mike Cassidy from Direct Hit Technologies. Direct Hit search engine originally utilized the anonymous searching activity of web searchers to rank web sites based on a number of their patented algorithms, which measured how long searchers spent viewing web pages and where a site was originally ranked in search results list. Direct Hit was acquired by Ask Jeeves aka in 2000.

The Direct Hit search website was ranked number 13,355 in the World on the 14th November 2020



Dogpile search engine 2018 website screenshot go fetch ball dog house graphic art

Dogpile fetches results from Google, Yahoo!, Yandex and other popular search engines. It makes searching the web easy because it has all the best ones for searching all piled into one. Dogpile was created and developed by Aaron Flin , and launched in 1995 (later acquired by Go2net & sold to Infospace). Read more about Dogpile

The website was ranked number 7,582 in the World on the 1st September 2018 (No. 4160 in Sep. 2014)


DuckDuckGo search engine 2018 website screenshot logo

Duck Duck Go is one that doesn’t track you, or store your personal information. It is an internet privacy company that empowers you to take control of your personal information online, without any trade offs, while protecting you wherever the internet takes you. Duck Duck Go was founded in 2008, and based in Paoli, Pennsylvania, with over 50 employees.  Learn more

 The website was ranked number 258 in the World on the 1st of September 2014 (no. 768 in Sep. 2014)

What is DuckDuckGo and how does it work? DuckDuckGo Vs Google ~ How it Happens video (2020)



Ecosia earth world globe graphic logo

Make Ecosia your new choice for searching and start planting trees with every search.

Ecosia donates 80% of its surplus income by planting trees. Ecosia is based in Berlin, Germany, and was created by Christian Kroll in 2009. Read more about Ecosia & more info at

The website was ranked number 891 in the World & number 157 in Germany on the 1st September 2018
Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees (2016 Ecosia verified YouTube video)



Ekoru lets you help clean the oceans when you search. 60% of their revenue goes to Big Blue Ocean Cleanup (international non-profit foundation), and Operation Posidonia to keep the oceans green.

The Ekoru website was ranked number 495,327 in the World on the 17th October 2020


Entireweb search engine 2018 website screenshot logo

Entireweb is for general purpose searching, and designed for ultra high performance information retrieval from huge unstructured data sources. Entireweb was founded in Sweden, and is a trusted partner of Exactseek and StartPage engines, who rely on Entireweb to provide world class search results.

 The website was ranked number 48,653 in the World on the 1st September 2018 (No. 5,884 in Sep. 2014)



ExactSeek internet web search engine 2018 website screenshot

ExactSeek receives and indexes over 30,000 new site submissions daily, with more than 500 million web pages indexed and added to the database. ExactSeek is part of  the Jayde Online company, which was founded in 1993 (incorporated in 1998), and currently located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

The website was ranked number 159,793 in the World on the 12th September 2018




Exalead internet search engine 2018 website screenshot

Exalead software company has been providing search platforms and search-based applications (SBA)  since 2000. Exalead’s  headquarters are in Paris, France, and they are a subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes.

The website was ranked number 155,092 in the World on the 1st September 2018 (No. 35,635 in Sep. 2014)


Excite search engine 2018 website screenshot

Excite is a meta searcher and internet portal which provides news, weather, web-based email, instant messaging and stock quotes. Excite was created by Joe Kraus, and launched in 1995.

The website was ranked number 13,604 in the World on the 14th September 2018
Excite Search Engine – Remember Them? (2018 video)
Excite Extreme – 3D Search Engine from 1998



Flickr search for photos, people, or groups

How to search Flickr The Commons and download images ~ 2015 video by Richard Byrne



Gibiru provides uncensored private search on a browser less application. Sites you visit are opened and viewed through the Gibiru Wormhole™ app.

The website was ranked number 92,764 in the World on the 4th October 2020



Gigablast internet search engine 2018 website screenshot

Gigablast was launched in 2000, and claims to have indexed over 12 billion web pages, and receives billions of queries each month.  Gigablast was created by Matt Wells.

The website was ranked number 96,288 in the World on the 1st September 2018 (No. 11,450 in Sep. 2014)



GiveWater gives clean water to people in need, via paid search ads which generate income for charitable use. Read more about it here

The website was ranked number 723,598 in the World on the 15th October 2020



Google internet search engine 2018 website screenshot

Google is still the number 1 search engine in the World

The Google web search engine (owned by Google Inc.) is the most used on the World Wide Web, with more than 3 billion searches each day.  The order of search results is based partly on a priority rank called PageRank. Google Search provides many different options for advanced and customized search. Google Search was originally developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1997. See more about |

The website was ranked number 1 in the World on the 1st September 2018 (No. 1 in Sep. 2014) 

Google Advanced Search

Google Advanced Search helps you find pages with: all these words, this exact word or phrase, any of these words, none of these words, & numbers ranging from… Then narrow your results by: language, region, last update, site or domain, search one site or limit your results to .edu, .org or .gov, terms appearing, safe search, file type, & usage rights.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar searches for scholarly literature via a freely accessible web search engine that indexes the full text or metadata of scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines.

How do Google’s featured snippets work?

The genesis of Google : Google co-founders Larry Page & Sergey Brin offer a peek inside the Google machine, sharing tidbits about international search patterns, the philanthropic Google Foundation, and the company’s dedication to innovation and employee happiness. (YouTube video uploaded 2007)…

Sergey Brin online : | Larry Page online :



HotBot internet search engine 2018 website screenshot

HotBot is for private searching,  and claims to never store or share any of your personal information. It’s privately owned front end uses Bing for its search results. HotBot was launched in 1996 by Wired magazine. Lycos acquired HotBot as part of Wired in 1998. HotBot was relaunched in 2002 as a multiple option search tool, and relaunched in 2011 with a new modern makeover, featuring the new logo and robot mascot.

The website was ranked number 255,146 in the World on the 1st September 2018 (No. 92,331 in Sep. 2014)



info internet search engine 2018 website screenshot was created by InfoSpace, a provider of metasearch technologies, white label tools and industry-standard best practices. Their relationships with Google, Yahoo! and Yandex enable them to provide greater keyword coverage and ad depth to grow revenue for their clients. InfoSpace also operate their own branded search sites, including their flagship metasearch engine, Dogpile®, plus and WebCrawler®.

The website was ranked number 5,600 in the World on the 14th September 2018 (No. 4003 in Sep. 2014)



Kartoo internet search engine 2018 website screenshot

Kartoo displays a visual interface. It was co-founded in France by Laurent Baleydier and Nicholas Baleydier, two cousins. Kartoo was launched in 2001, with a new version in 2004.

The website was ranked number 2,396,659 in the World on the 1st September 2018 (No. 233,878 in September 2014)



Kidtopia search engine 2018 website screenshot

Kidtopia is a Google custom search engine of selected sites, created by school teachers, librarians and an educational consortia for elementary school students and their teachers.

The website was ranked number 2,855,754 in the World on the 1st September 2018 (No. 3,008,042 in Sep. 2014)


LookSeek search engine 2018 website screenshot

LookSeek  doesn’t do tracking of your searches.

The website was ranked number 1,253,852 in the World on the 1st September 2018
LookSeek – Private search engine designed to optimize the security and safety of its users, providing a no tracking policy, to search with peace of mind knowing big brother is not tracking your every move.


Lycos search engine 2018 website screenshot

Lycos, Inc. was established in 1995 before most people knew what a search engine was. Lycos has changed with the times to evolve into a focused network of community and social sites, that now include and Lycos, Inc. managed to survive many market changes while others have disappeared. The key to their longevity is diversity, by integrating different brands, sources of revenue, and meaningful online communities.

The website was ranked number 34,003 in the World on the 1st September 2018 (No. 449,621 in Sep. 2014)
Lycos search engine inventor Michael Mauldin with one of the earliest prototypes of a search engine (1995 news storyof one of the earliest search engines)



MetaCrawler was first developed in 1994 as a Ph.D. qualifying project at the University of Washington by Erik Selberg, a graduate student. MetaCrawler was originally a metasearch engine with the ability to search for images, video, news, business, phone number directories, and audio.

The website was ranked number 147,280 in the World on the 16th January 2020
MetaCrawler – your personalized web browser and easiest way to get better search results (2013 video)


Million Short
Million Short search engine 2018 website screenshot

Million Short is an experimental web search discovery engine that allows you to remove the top million (or top 100k, 10k, 1k, 100) sites from the results…

The website was ranked number 526,907 in the World on the 1st September 2018 

see the Million Short Search Engine video…



Mojeek is an alternative search engine that claims to put people who use it first, by doing what’s right with the respect of your privacy, whilst providing its own unique and unbiased search results. It was created by Marc Smith and launched in 2004, in his bedroom in the United Kingdom.

The website was ranked number 313,247 in the World on the 18th January 2021
What is Mojeek? ~ Building the World’s Alternative Search Engine (2018 video)



Naver began their comprehensive search service in 2000, which became the first self-developed search engine in South Korea.

The website was ranked number 39 in the World on the 30th January 2021
A Google of Korea, Naver Explained by Jo’s World (2020 video)



OneSearch by Verizon Media is privacy-focused and features : no cookies, no user tracking, no search history, pure unfiltered results and keyword encryption.

The website was ranked number 152,214 in the World on the 6th October 2020



2018 Qwant internet search engine 2018 website screenshot photos

Qwant respects your privacy when searching the World Wide Web. They claim to be the only European search engine.

The website was ranked number 2,326 in the World on the 1st September 2018
Qwant searching review (2018 video)


2018 Search com internet search engine 2018 website screenshot by CBS Interactive Inc., an American media company which is a division of the CBS Corporation.

The website was ranked number 33,453 in the World on the 1st September 2018


Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt protects your privacy by detecting searches that may be tracked and connected to your personal information, by intercepting those searches and redirecting them to Search Encrypt’s privacy-enhanced search engine. website was ranked number 12,971 in the World on the 19th September 2020


Search Turtle
2018 Search Turtle internet search engine 2018 website screenshot is a human edited website directory with links to websites that have passed submission guidelines, with rigorous standards required for inclusion. It is updated daily by human editors to deliver the user the best of websites on the Internet. Search Turtle strive is to be among the best web portals for searching the Internet, offering websites with meaningful content. All of Search Turtle’s results are hand selected, good quality, spam -free websites. They don’t allow adult content websites or any website that promotes any messages of hate, violence of inappropriate behavior.

The website was ranked number 1,936,457 in the World on the 9th August 2019



Shenma is a search engine that focuses on mobile Internet, with a dedication to creating convenient, fast and open new mobile search experience for their users. Shenma is a joint venture between UC Youshi and Alibaba, with senior employees from Microsoft, Google, Baidu, 360 and other IT companies around the World. Shenma is was founded in in 2014, in Beijing, China.

The Shenma search engine website was ranked number 6,905 in the World on the 4th January 2021

___________________________________________________________________________ ~ 360 Search

The / 360 Search engine was developed by Qihoo 360 in Beijing, China, in 2012, and originally named SO (re: S = safe / O = open) Safe Open search. In 2015 the name was changed to Haosou, but in 2016 it was agian renamed 360 Search, with a new slogan “360 Search, So Reliable“.

The website was ranked number 73 in the World on the 27th December 2020


Social Mention

Social Mention is a real-time social media search and analysis platform, which aggregates user generated content (comments, images, videos, blogs, & bookmarks) from over 100 social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Reddit, and many more.

The website was ranked number 59,801 in the World on the 19th October 2020



Sogou is a search engine established in 2004 by Sohu, Inc., a Chinese technology company in Beijing, China.

The website was ranked number 63 in the World December 2020
Two Chinese girls discuss Sogou English Search (2020 video)



Soso is a Chinese search engine based in Beijing, China.

The website was ranked number 33 in the World by Alexa Internet in October 2012. As of January 2021 the website was number 198 in the World.


Start Page

StartPage internet search engine 2018 website screenshot

Start Page claims to be the world’s most private search engine. Originally known as ixquick.

The website was ranked number 1,700 in the World on the 1st September 2018 (No. 4003 in Sep. 2014)


Sweet Search
Sweet Search internet search engine 2018 website screenshot

Sweet Search is for students.

The website was ranked number 658,758 in the World on the 1st September 2018



Swisscows is a data-secure search engine where your privacy is protected, your data is not saved or monitored.

The website was ranked number 64,731 in the World on the 18th September 2020



Tin Eye is a reverse image search engine for finding where images appear online.

The website was ranked number 4,133 in the World on the 14th November 2020


WayBack Machine
WayBack Machine web archive org internet search engine 2018 website screenshot

The WayBack Machine searches the history of over 336 billion web pages on the internet. The WayBack Machine can take you back in time to over 20 years ago, to see websites starting from 1996 to now, as they were on the date you choose. Read more about the Internet Archive & on Machine

The website was ranked number 267 in the World on the 1st September 2018

Wayback Machine @


Web Crawler
WebCrawler internet search engine 2018 website screenshot

The website was ranked number 7,986 in the World on the 1st September 2018

___________________________________________________________________________ searches 1000’s of wiki websites, via 4 different search options : all wikis | wikipedia only | people’s wikis | encyclopedias was ranked number 257,434 in the World on the 10th October 2020


Web Wombat

Web Wombat “the original Australian search engine” started operating in 1994, and was incorporated in 1996. The original founders, Rod Ashcroft and Phillip Bertolus, were joined by Michael Tancredi in 1995. In 1999 the company raised $7.9 million in seed funding with the view to commercializing and globalizing its search technology and Internet portal.

The Web Wombat website was ranked number 829,388 in the World on the 10th October 2020


Wolfram Alpha
Wolfram Alpha internet search engine 2018 website screenshot

Wolfram Alpha computational intelligence computes expert-level answers using Wolfram’s breakthrough algorithms, knowledgebase and AI technology.

The website was ranked number 5,111 in the World on the 1st September 2018


Yahoo! Search
Yahoo!7 logo 2018

Yahoo! Search is the 3rd largest search engine in the USA. The  web search engine was launched in 1995.

The website was ranked number 6 in the World on the 1st September 2018

Yandex com internet search engine 2018 website screenshot

The website was ranked number 1,424 in the World on the 1st September 2018
Yandex ru internet search engine 2018 website screenshot

The website was ranked number 23 in the World, & number 1 in Russia on the 1st September 2018


Yippy internet search engine 2018 website screenshot

The website was ranked number 121,384 in the World on the 1st September 2018



Youdao was released in 2007 by NetEase (founded in 1997) a Chinese internet technology company based in Hangzhou in China.

The website was ranked number 1,133 in the World on the 2nd January 2021


1990’s Search Engine Television Ads

Enjoy these videos featuring old TV ads promoting search engines from the late 1990’s to the year 2000…

Search engine television commercials in 1998
Yahoo! television ad in 1998
Netscape – Navigator tv ad for internet Browser & search engine in 2000


The most popular search engines of all time

The Great Race for the Most Popular Search Engine 1994 to 2019

This is a historical timeline showing the popularity of all the search engines, and directories, since the start of internet in 1994 to 2019. These worldwide stats include desktop and mobile searches combined (video produced by Data is Beautiful & uploaded in September 2019 ~ over 895,000 views)…

Search engines logos icons emblems white type font shadow banner 2014


A website search engine is a software system designed to search for information on the World Wide Web. The searching results in response to a keyword query, are usually presented in a vertical line on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The information can be received as web pages, images, videos and other types of files. They also maintain real-time information by the use of an algorithm running on a web crawler. Web search engine results are listed in order of relevance, with the highest relevant websites appearing first.

Search, Google, and Life: Sergey Brin ~ Google co-founder (video upload 2007)…Sergey Brin online : | 


How Search Works : explained by John, Google’s Chief of Search, and Akshaya from Microsoft Bing. They cover everything from how special programs called “spiders” scan the Internet before you even type in your search terms to what determines which search results show up first. Find out how search algorithms bust spammers, manage location services and even use machine learning to make search better every year ( YouTube video published June2017)



The Timeline of Web Search Engines (Wikipedia page) provides a full timeline starting from Archie in 1990 to the Google Hummingbird algorithm update in 2013. It is a complementary page to the Web Search Engine History (Wikipedia page) which provides a timeline from 1993 to 2016, including a colour-coded current status of activity.

A brief history of search engines by TheBradColbow (YouTube video)…

Brad Colbow explains the history of searching from the first one named Archie (archive without the v) to today, and how their web crawlers work. He also discusses how Yahoo set out to create a super directory of every website in 1994, which was 10,000 sites in that year, followed by 100,000 sites in 1995, which become too much to continue by hand.  SEO aka Search Engine Optimization is also explained.

Brad Colbow is a professional graphic designer and illustrator, focusing on tech and reviews on his journey to becoming a better illustrator. Website : | YouTube channel  | social media : 

See some of the search engines on TV commercials in 1998…

Searching before Google search existed

We tend to take the Google searching for granted these days, but over 20 years ago, there was no such thing. For over a decade before Google searching, crawling, and indexing and searching, how did people search the World Wide Web?

Search Before Google by The Science Elf (YouTube video)

The History of Google & How Search Engines Work by BTN ~ Behind The News : On the week this video was uploaded in September 2018, Google had its 20th birthday, and US President Donald Trump claimed that search engines prioritise negative articles about him over good ones. This got BTN wondering about how searching actually works and how has it changed over time. The internet is full of answers to most of life’s questions, but how do you get the correct information?… Thanks to Larry Page and Sergey Brin for deciding to make a better search engine in the 1990s, which they first called BackRub, but later changed it to Google, a play on the word Googol, a mathematical term for the number 1 followed by 100 zeros, on the 4th of September in 1998, when that famous company was born, in a garage.


The life span of a Google query is less then half a second, and involves many steps before you see the most relevant results to your searching requests. Matt Cutts, theAmerican software engineer from Google explains how it all works in this video “See How Search Works by Matt Cutts” (2010 YouTube video : over 5.1 million views)…

Matt Cutts online : | | |  | 



12 Google Search tips & tricks by TechGumbo (video uploaded in September 2017 ~ over 470,000 views)

15 Ways to Google Search that most people don’t know about by Bright Side (video uploaded in October 2017 ~ over 4.3 million views)



Google images logo search bar on website in 2019

How to Use Google Reverse Image Search to Fact Check Images



Search Engine Watch is a site which discusses the latest news and strategies in SEM, SEO, PPC, and social media marketing. The website main menu : Articles | Resources | Tech Talks | industry | SEO | PPC | Analytics | More |

The website was ranked number 11,265 in the World on the 30th December 2020

Search Engine Land covers all aspects of digital marketing, advertising technology and martech (marketing technology). Their daily news covers breaking stories in the industry, including trends, featured announcements and product changes at popular platforms used by search marketers.

In addition to the editorial news staff coverage, Search Engine Land features contributed articles by experts, practical tips, tactics and strategies for marketing programs. Search Engine Land and its sister publications, MarTech Today and Marketing Land, were founded by Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman, and published by Third Door Media. Menu : SEO | SEM | Mobile | Local | Retail | Google | Bing | Social | Events | & more

The website was ranked number 28,538 in the World on the 30th December 2020

The Search Engine List is a comprehensive list of search engines compiled in 2010.



January 2021

Will Google Search Engine stop in Australia?

Leading news stories : Could Google pull its search engine from use in Australia?.. So what does that mean for you? by Bridget Judd @ ABC News, Ignore threats to shut search in Australia and force Google to pay, small business groups say by Ben Butler @ The Guardian, Life without Google could be better than you think by Belinda Barnet @ The Sydney Morning Herald, Google and Facebook Senate face-off heats up battle over code by Max Manson & Miranda Ward @ Financial Review, Google threatens to block search in Australia if ‘pay for news’ law is passed by Jasmine Geari @ Techradar

Morrison pushes back against Google’s threat to pull search engine from Australia ~ ABC News (22nd January 2021)
Google threat to pull search engine in Australia ~ BBC News video (23rd January 2021)
Google explains the News Media Bargaining Code

Mel Silva, the managing director of Google Australia explains (in the video below) about the workable news code available which won’t break Google Search, due to a proposed new law currently in a Senate Committee Inquiry.

Google claims that most businesses like the current concept in use which allows potential customers to find their business in search results, and if they don’t, they can opt out with a few clicks, based on how search engines have operated for more than 20 years. Read more at about.Google

An update by Mel Silva from Google on the News Media Bargaining Code ~ 22 January 2021 (official Google Australia verified YouTube channel video)

Chinese search engine company Baidu to enter electric vehicle market by Chris Jarrard @ ShackNews (8 January 2021) Baidu are the newest entrant into the electric car industry, prior to a sales explosion expected in China.


November 2018

Google’s John Mueller: Never Blindly Follow Big Sites’ SEO by Matt Southern at Search Engine Journal (23rd November 2018). John Mueller provides a response to address the topic in a Reddit thread which referred to canonical tags for pagination.



About Search Engine Optimization ( |

What Is Search Engine Optimization / SEO (video uploaded by Search Engine Land in September 2011 ~ over 1.5 million views)

What Is Search Engine Optimization / SEO ~ Search Engine Land video (2011)

SEO For Beginners: A Basic Search Engine Optimization Tutorial for Higher Google Rankings (video uploaded by Ahrefs in June 2018 ~ over 342,000 views)


How to submit your website to search engines ?

This is an easy guide tutorial video which explains how you can submit your website to Google, Bing and Yahoo. (2018 edition)


World website rankings by (an company)


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