1600s / 17th century history on the 7th of September

1630 : The city of Boston, in Massachusetts, was founded. Prior to European colonization, the area was originally inhabited by the indigenous Massachusett. The total population of the city was 675,647 as of 2020. Official website : Boston.gov

Boston USA. The Most European City in the US. Sights, People and Food (CoolVision verified YouTube channel video) over 1 million views
1800s / 19th century history on the 7th of September

1876 : C. J. Dennis, the Australian poet and writer, was born Clarence Michael James Dennis, in Auburn, South Australia (died in 1938 aged 61).

1900s / 20th century history on the 7th of September

1923 : The International Criminal Police Organization aka iNTERPOL, was formed. Official website : interpol.int

1927 : Philo Farnsworth invented electronic television when he transmitted his first image, on his image dissector camera tube.

How did a teenager from Idaho invent TV?.. (Smithsonian Channel verified YouTube channel video) over 300,000 views

1936 : Benjamin, the last captive thylacine died, due to neglect, alone in his cage at the Hobart Zoo in Tasmania, Australia. The thylacine was also known as a Tasmanian Tiger, a carnivorous marsupial. Benjamin was the last of the thylacine species, known.

Tasmanian Tiger in Colour : The NFSA released colourised footage of the last known surviving Tasmanian tiger aka Thylacine , for National Threatened Species Day. The original black and white 35mm nitrate negative film which was photographed by David Fleay at Hobart Zoo in December 1933, was colourised by Samuel François-Steininger (NFSA Films YouTube channel video) over 2 million views

1947 : Gloria Gaynor, the American singer, was born Gloria Fowles, in Newark, New Jersey, USA. official website : GloriaGaynor.com

Gloria Gaynor performing Never Can Say Goodbye, and Reach Out I’ll Be There, live on Starparade in 1975, a German TV show (Gloria Gaynor verified YouTube channel video) over 21 million views

1951 : Chrissie Hynde, the American singer-songwriter and guitarist, was born in Akron, Ohio, USA. She is best known as a founding member, lead singer-songwriter, and guitarist, in the Pretenders rock band. official website : ThePretenders.com

Pretenders – Brass In Pocket official music video from 1979 (The Pretenders verified YouTube channel video) over 4 million views

1951 : Morris Albert, the Brazilian singer-songwriter, was born Maurício Alberto Kaisermann, in São Paulo, Brazil. He is best known for writing and recording “Feelings” , which was a hit single in 1974.

1953 : Marc Hunter, the New Zealand-Australian singer-songwriter, was born in Auckland, New Zealand (died in 1998 aged 44). He was best known as the lead singer of Dragon (1973 to 1979, 1982 to 1989, 1995 to 1997). March Hunter is the brother of Todd Hunter in Dragon. Official website : DragonOnline.com.au

Dragon – Marc Hunter Tribute including interviews and featuring news footage from television (DRAGON – Official verified YouTube channel video) over 40,000 views

1978 : Keith Moon, the English drummer in The Who rock band, died aged 32 (born in 1946). He died from an overdose of a drug to treat alcohol withdrawal. Official website : TheWho.com

The Tragic Death of Keith Moon from The Who (Rock N’ Roll True Stories verified YouTube channel video) over 70,000 views
Keith Moon: The Final 24 full documentary : the last 24 hours of Keith Moon’s life (Popcornflix verified YouTube channel video) over 1.2 million views

1986 : Desmond Tutu became the 1st black man to become the Archbishop of Cape Town, in South Africa.

1987 : Evan Rachel Wood, the American actress was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

1988 : Abdul Ahad Mohmand became the 1st Afghan to journey to outer space, after he returned to Earth after 9 days on the Mir space station. He was part of the Soyuz TM-6 crew of 3, which launched on the 29th August 1988.

2000s / 21st century history on the 7th of September

2003 : Warren Zevon, the American singer-songwriter and musician, died of mesothelioma, aged 56 (born in 1947). Official website : WarrenZevon.com

Warren Zevon – Werewolves Of London official music video (RHiNO verified YouTube channel video) over 13 million views

2021 : Bitcoin become legal tender in El Salvador. Bitcoin official website : Bitcoin.org

Bitcoin became legal tender in El Salvador (Arirang News verified YouTube channel video)
Is Bitcoin a volatile risk?.. Bitcoin officially becomes legal tender in El Salvador (Al Jazeera English verified YouTube channel video) over 20,000 views

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