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White Lion stripes blinking green eyes moving animated animal gifANiMAL WEB PAGES

2 Dogs in love cartoon hearts animated animals gif animation


Balnarring Wildlife Sanctuary : News : Balnarring wildlife sanctuary faces closure as bank chases land | Maryrose Kresting | News : Anonymous benefactors save Maryrose Kersting’s Balnarring wildlife |

Goat moving head neck animated gif animation photoGUNYAH Animal Healing Sanctuary : Moving : | Gunyah YouTube videos (Kathy Munslow) |  | “Are We There Yet…?” said the horses, aplacas, calves, mini ponies, goats, sheep, dog and cat. (YouTube video featuring Leanne Kingwell Music)…

Earth has lost half of its wildlife in the past 40 years, says WWF ~



Eagle flying flapping wings landing bird animation gif animatedEAGLES : Eagle captures bird’s eye view of Paris (video) ~ | Flying eagle point of view #1 ~ (Freedom YouTube videos) | A flight over Paris : Flying eagle point of view #4 by Sony Action Cam Mini, a world premiere.! Victor the white tailed eagle takes off from the top of the Eiffel Tower. See an amazing birds eye point of view of Paris from the camera on the back of an eagle, while gliding over the Trocadero, until Victor plunges at 180 km/h to the ground!

HAWKS : Hawk Attacks Quadcopter! YouTube video : Christopher Schmidt was flying his quadcopter at Magazine Beach Park in Cambridge, when a hawk attacked it…

CNN Distraction: Family of ducks tries to cross highway (video) ~ 


Kitten paws white cat licking monitor glass screen animation photo animated gifCATS

Cat Shirts Hand-Embroidered Love Letter to

CATS MASSAGiNG DOGS : My cat massaging my dog  (YouTube video) “Puss” the cat and “Captain” the dog doing their daily ritual…See more Cats massaging dogs on YouTube videos

Cat tries to catch fish under the frozen pond ~

Cat wants to catch fish on ice ~

The Mean Kitty Song video ~ |



RAMA THE COW HAS A BALL at Gunyah Animal Healing Sanctuary Inc.


Dog walking white puppy animation photo animated gifDOGS

LUCKY PUPPY COUNTRY DOGGY DAYCARE : | | Lucky puppy YouTube videosThis Is What A ‘Pool Pawty’ At A Dog Daycare Center Looks Like ~ EarthPorm.comA Dog Daycare Center In Michigan Threw A Pool Party For Its Customers. Boy, Did They Have Fun… ~ |

Best Friends – a kid, a dog and a puddle (video) ~ Watson the dog stands by while the boy does a quick assessment of the puddle situation

Run Walter, RUN!!.(YouTube video) ~ Walter, is a Labrador. He’s a special dog, who really loves the sea! Siracusa, Sicily, Italy

Coon dog Rock and raccoon Ringo playing ~ YouTube video

Dog Alarm Clocks Are ActuallyThe Best Alarm Clocks (embeddable video) (YouTube video)  

Taikuutta koirille – Magic for dogs ~ Do dogs react to magic? Watch as Finnish magician & mentalist Jose Ahonen vanished some dog treats under their noses. See how the 8 unsuspecting adorable dog participants responded. By the way, all the dogs got treats before and after the trick.Dog standing up on back hind legs tricks animation photo animated gif

You Shall Not Pass, Dog ~ YouTube video

Mishka, give me my toy!!! YouTube video 

Dog passes out from overwhelming joy (YouTube video : 36 million views since published on 24 July 2014) ~ A pet dog’s reaction to a family member returning home after 2 years (= 14 years in dog years). The family member was living and working in Slovenia, and didn’t return home to Murrysville, PA last year, because her whole family (except Casey) came to Bled for her wedding. Note: The schnauzer, Casey, was taken to the vet, the vet saw the video, and everything was fine with her. 



Valerie Taylor Befriends a Spotted Moray


Big Gorilla running along cartoon animated gif animationGORiLLAS

KOKO The Gorilla : (official website) | KokoFlix YouTube Channel | Koko meets Robin Williams (YouTube video)Robin Williams met Koko in 2001. It was a very cheerful encounter for both, and Koko has treasured it to this day. When Koko learned of Robin’s passing (on 11th Aug. 2014) she became very sad.



 2 grey horses running animation gif animatedHORSES

MARiSKA aka The HOUDiNi HORSE ~ Friesian Mare Mariska, is very good at opening her stall doors, & anything else that has food in it…See more about Mariska and other Friesians at


Kangaroo grey joey baby jumping hoping cartoon animation gif animatedKANGAROOS

BLUE The ROO & TROOPER The ROTTY PUP : Blue the roo and Trooper the rotty pup are the best of friends. This YouTube video was uploaded in April 2014 by Ed Trindall so  he could share with people the amazing relationship between two species.  Original Facebook video ~ Ed Trindall Facebook page |  I love roo! Blue the kangaroo and rottweiler puppy Trooper form an unlikely friendship ~  DailyMailRottweiler And Kangaroo Play Together, Prove Everything’s A Little Different Down Under ~ HuffingtonPost

See more YouTube videos of Kangaroos with dogs

Wild kangaroo street fight Aussie style (Original YouTube video upload by Rodney Langham 30th September 2014)


White Lion stripes blinking green eyes moving animated animal gifLiONS

These Photos Of A Teenage Melanie Griffith And Her Pet Lion In The 1970s Are Quite


Monkey face moving animated animal photo gif animationMONKEYS

JiGOKUDANi MONKEY PARK ~ Google Street View Trekker …

Monkey selfies can’t be copyrighted, federal office decides ~



Adorable owl and cat are best friends : Meet Cleo and Forbi, an owl and a cat who are best friends! Owned by Brazillian biologist Andre Costa, the pair met at a young age and have been inseparable ever since. Their friendship should definitely serve as an inspiration for us all ~


2 Penguins talking chatting birds photo animated gif animationPENGUiNS

America goes penguin crazy (7 October 2014) Two African penguins from the Maryland Zoo waddle through


Bunny rabbit tapping foot dancing cute animal animated gif animationRABBiTS

Rabbit vs Snake (video) See what happens when a rabbit attacks a snake, and see who wins, without any animal being harmed, apart from their pride…



Coon dog Rock and raccoon Ringo playing…



Sheep teaches young bull to head butt, Terceira Azores…



Sea Turtle swimming underwater flippers Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo Aquarium Turtles Nebraska USA photo by Algy O’Connell

WORLD TURTLE DAY : 23rd MAY 2015 :Turtles have been around for over 200 million years, and need to avoid extinction, and have their future secured in the wild, through conservation, to ensure these superb sages of the sea species survive ~ 



The BORN FREE ~ The Born Free Foundation  is an international animal welfare charity, working to keep wildlife in the wild. They are committed to global wildlife welfare and conservation projects to protect big cats, wolves, primates, bears, elephants, giraffes, marine animals and many other threatened species. The Born Free Foundation for animal rights is based in the United Kingdom, and originated in 1984 as the “Zoo Check Campaign” by actors Virginia McKenna, her husband Bill Travers, their son Will Travers, and 4 associates.

Prince William plays Angry Birds as part of campaign to protect wildlife from illegal poaching ~ | United for Wildlife and Angry Birds: fighting illegal wildlife trade ~ YouTube.comGuest Post: United For Wildlife – Meet The PANGOLIN! ~


National Dingo Day (Facebook) 

 Australian Birds Facebook Group

Why Are Sloths Slow? And Other Sloth Facts

The Only Man In The World Who Can Swim With A Polar Bear: Grizzly Man

RSPCA Pet insurance : featuring Dash the dog with Mel on The Morning Show


Funny Animals 2014 compilation video…


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