The Game of CONTiNUiTY

Awarded Best Student Game at the 2010 Independent Games Festival by Ragtime Games ~  ~ Continuity is an addictive, mind-bending sliding-maze tile platformer puzzle game. You navigate the path of the character through the structure of a Continuity world, using the arrow keys and space bar…Play free games at Kongregate

“Continuity is a totally addictive, mind-bending puzzle game with 32 levels! Have you got what it takes to make it to the end?..” ~ ABC3/Games

Lets Play Continuity: YouTube video part 1 by TheProgramer64

The Continuity game was created by Elias Holmlid, Dmitri Kurteanu, Guy Lima, Jr., and Stefan Mikaelsson.

Official website:


See Continuity 2 @

YouTube video: Continuity 2: The Continuation – iPhone – US – HD Gameplay Trailer…

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