The Game of CONTiNUiTY

A splendid platform game that can be played for free on a browser. Ragtime Games was awarded Best Student Game at the 2010 Independent Games Festival Continuity is an addictive, mind-bending sliding-maze tile platformer puzzle game, that’s easy to play. You just navigate the path of the character through the structure of the Continuity world, using the arrow keys and space bar. The game is free to play at the following websites : 


Armor Games

“Continuity is a totally addictive, mind-bending puzzle game with 32 levels! Have you got what it takes to make it to the end?..” ~ ABC3/Games

Lets Play Continuity: Part 1 by Mechamind90 (YouTube)

The Continuity game was created by Elias Holmlid, Dmitri Kurteanu, Guy Lima, Jr., and Stefan Mikaelsson.

Official website: (currently unavailable)

YouTube video: Continuity 2: The Continuation – iPhone – US – HD Gameplay Trailer… 

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