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ABOUT Azoosh.com : The A to Z of Life

Welcome to Azoosh.com

Azoosh.com is an A to Z of what’s Amazing, Beautiful, Creative, Delightful, Educational, Funny, Geeky, Historical, inspirational, Jolly, Knowledgeable, Luxurious, Mystifying, Natural, Optimistic, Philosophical, Quaint, Refreshing, Social, Technical, Unique,  Vital, Weird, Xenolithic, Yearly and Zany in life, in this weird and wonderful World, and beyond.

Azoosh.com is creating the A to Z of Life alphabetical index of everything interesting in life, to provide creative, inspirational, entertaining & educational information and references for everybody from everywhere around the World.

The 2020 UPDATE :

A new focus sees the creation and expansion of many old and new sections:

Animals, Architecture, Art, Arts, Auto, Blogs, Body, Books, Brain, Business, Calculators, Camping, Cams (live), Charities, Collectibles, Comedy, Countries & Continents, Culture, Dance, Death, Design, Ecology, Education, Entertainment, Environment, Events, Existentialism, Facts, Fashion, Films, Fitness, Food, Future, Games, Gardening, Happiness, Health, History, Homes, How to, Humour, Inspiration, Internet, Kids, Landscaping, Languages, Law, Learn, Life, Lifestyle, Love, Magic, Media, Mind, Money, Movies, Music, Nature, News, People, Pets, Philosophy, Photography, Psychology, Q & A (Questions & Answers), Quotes, Radio, Science, Search engines, Self help, SEO, Snow, Social media, Space, Spirituality, Sport, Stock market, Success, Survival, Technology, Television, Time, Top 10, Toys, Transport, Travel, Vegetables, Videos, Weather, Webcams, Websites, World, Zoology and much more still to come

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The Art of Life Azoosh.com header banner in 2018

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The Art of Life banner artwork was created in December 2018, back when Azoosh.com was considering a change in direction


Lets go back in time to see what Azoosh.com was all about in 2014…

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about Azoosh.com

What was AZOOSH all ABOUT in 2014?..

The following is an archive of the Azoosh.com About page in 2014

Azoosh is all about making a difference, by helping to make a better world online for everybody.

The Azoosh.com website is becoming one of the World’s largest directories & guides to the World WideWeb in production online.

AZOOSH.com ✔  Verified Website Guide

Azoosh.com is all about discovering the world of websites, webpages & blogs from A to Z on almost everything on the internet of interest to everybody 

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A new discovery is just a click away on Azoosh.com 

About Azoosh.com website cover banner header green fern trees photo white bold Arial type fontAZOOSH.com ✔  Verified Website Guide

a work progress

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Made by humans for humans (aka Homo sapiens =  “Wise man” in Latin)

What is the AZOOSH.com website all ABOUT?..

Azoosh.com is the world’s largest guide and directory to the the World Wide Web and internet online, in production. Azoosh.com is all about discovering the world of websites, webpages & blogs from A to Z on almost everything on the internet of interest to everybody.

Web Guide | Directory | internet info | News & Reviews

The Azoosh.com domain name and website was launched on the World Wide Web on the 6th December 2013, due to the lack of websites in the world able to provide one orderly place for everyone to find something suitable about almost anything from A to Z.  Very few people in the world have ever attempted such an enormous website project as this, and no people have ever continued with such a site on the scale of Azoosh.com ever before in computing history.

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The greatest attempt to create a guide and directory to websites, prior to Azoosh.com, was made in January 1994 by the founders of Yahoo, with their creation of a website named Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web, which was a directory of other websites, organized in a hierarchy, as opposed to a searchable index of pages, which it eventually became. Three months later, in April 1994, Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web was renamed Yahoo! ( = Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle) with the yahoo.com domain created in January 1995, from when it eventually became a search engine.

About 20 years later Azoosh.com rebooted the original idea of Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web, to continue the legacy, and create a longer lasting, larger A to Z guide to the web.

After almost 12 months from the start, Azoosh is experiencing great growth each and every day and week, with over 1000 visitors per month since the website was launched on the 6th December 2013, via Google searches (no paid traffic) with all natural organic visits via good search results. The increasing returning visits, with an increase in longevity as well, reveal the visitors are reassured with the quality of the information provided by Azoosh.

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Azoosh.com is in the Top 0.1% of 947 million websites

Azoosh.com is now starting to be noticed as a fast mover on the World Wide Web, as it is about to complete the first year of development, with the impressive achievement of being ranked No.360,842 website of over 947 million websites* in the world on Alexa.com, where you can check the ranking of any website in the world. [*exact amount of websites in the world = 947,029,805 as of November 2014 on the Netcraft Web Server Survey]

Azoosh.com endeavours to be the most excellent and easy to use guide to the entire World Wide Web on the internet in existence, for everybody to enjoy.

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A new discovery is just a click away on Azoosh.com

Azoosh.com A to Z Web Guide is a never ending daily work in progress

Azoosh.com is proudly platformed powered by WordPress

A to Z of the World Wide Web graphic logos websites banner a-z Azoosh.com

AZOOSH.com is all about providing you the A to Z of  all the World’s…

Amazing, absurd, academic, advisory, aesthetic, artistic, alphabetic

Beautiful, beloved, beneficial, benevolent, bizarre, brainy, bygone..

Creative, calming, cerebral, certified, cheery, clever, cultural, cute..

Delightful, dandy, daring, dashing, dazzling, designer, diverse…























 …content on the World Wide Web.

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Welcome aboard the Azoosh platform, where we are all passengers aboard the same Spaceship Earth, travelling in the Universe in search of knowledge, peace and happiness.

We wish you a very enjoyable virtual journey with Azoosh…


M e l b o u r n e  ~  A u s t r a l i a  ~  E a r t h  ~  U n i v e r s e


This page was last updated on the 23rd November 2020

Welcome to AZOOSH : The A to Z of everything interesting in life : a creative, inspirational, entertaining & educational place for everybody