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Do You Hear YANNY or LAUREL?.. debate solved, answer explained, the science & origin

The internet is split over what they hear on this recording  (play the video below)…  What do  YOU hear?.. YANNY?.. or LAUREL?..

Did you hear YANNY?.. or LAUREL?..

Ask someone else to also have a listen …what do they hear?.. Laurel & Yanny photo images big bold white type feature images 2018

Azoosh presents everything you need to know about Yanny & Laurel 

The “yanny or laurel”  internet phenomenon that started on the 15th May 2018 was causing so much debate around the world, between family, friends, work colleagues, and here at the Azoosh, we could no longer ignore it, and had to take a closer look. it’s an interesting trail back to where it all originated, and how this audio illusion became so popular on this planet.

We had many questions to be answered, such as, was the debate solved?.. what’s the actual original word that was recorded?.. who’s voice?.. why we hear it differently to others?.. who actually asked the original question?.. and who tweeted the viral audio clip that caused the biggest internet sensation of controversy since The Dress debate of 2015, was it blue or gold?.. has since become is it “yanny or laurel”.

What word was originally recorded?…

” laurel “

Laurel is the answer white word colour graphs graphic

Listen to the original recording of “laurel” at the Vocabulary.com website, which is an interactive online thesaurus and dictionary developed by Thinkmap.com .

Listen to the 100% original recording here…

Vocabulary.com ~ laurelLaurel wreath original recording word Vocabulary website

The New York Times made an audio slider tool so you can hear both Yanny & Laurel

The New York Times tool to hear both Yanny & Laurel play audio clip slider
Click above to go to The New York Times to play the audio slider tool so you can hear both Yanny & Laurel at NYtimes.com

When the internet erupted in disagreement over the “yanny or laurel” audio clip, the guys in The Upshot department of The New York Times quickly built a tool to gradually accentuate different frequencies in the original audio clip. Check to see which word you hear, and how far you have to move the slider to hear the other word. The slider’s center point represents the original recording, and makes laurel (left) or yanny (right) more prominent. See more at The Upshot at The New York Times by Josh Katz, Jonathon Corum & Jon Huang ~ 16th May 2018)

Laurel photo images big bold white type feature images 2018

Who’s voice originally recorded the word “laurel”?

Jay Aubrey Jones laurel or yanny live interview New York City Sunriseon7 YouTube photo
Jay Aubrey Jones live on Sunrise breakfast TV on Channel 7 in Australia ~ 29 May 2018 (photo: SunriseOn7 YouTube video)

Jay Aubrey Jones

Jay Aubrey Jones (age 64) is a veteran Broadway and television actor, and opera singer, from New York. He grew up in Atlantic City, and is very surprised by this internet sensation.

What did he really say?

Jay Aubrey Jones reveals what he really said, during a live international interview to David ‘Kochie” and Samantha Armytage live on the Sunrise breakfast television show on Channel 7 Australia (SunriseOn7 YouTube video: 29 May 2018)

Why do some hear Yanny & others hear Laurel?


AsapScience solved the Yanny vs. Laurel audio illusion (16th May 2018)...This AsapScience video was  Created by Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown | Written by Rachel Salt, Greg Brown & Mitch Moffit | illustrated by Max Simmons | Edited by Sel Ghebrehiwot

Buzz Feed Video also solved Yanny vs. Laurel (16th May 2018)...

Who discovered Yanny & Laurel?

Katie Hetzel

Francesca Amiker talks to the teen who discovered Yanny vs Laurel ~ Katie Hetzel (18th May 2018)

…to be continued

…with more questions still to be answered such as : who tweeted the viral audio clip?, & put it on Instagram?.. plus Reddit? causing it to become the biggest internet debate since the blue or gold dress in 2015.

…we’ll be back soon with more


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