World's first 108 key piano by Stuart & Sons handcrafted Tasmanian Huon pine timber keyboard 2018 white type

The first 108 KEY PiANO built in the World by Stuart & Sons in Australia

September 2018

The first 108 key acoustic piano in the World has been built by Stuart & Sons, in their family business workshop in Tumut, Australia.

This piano has more keys than any other piano in the World!

The Concert Grand 108 Key Piano by Stuart & SonsStuart & Sons piano makers logo

World's first 108 keys piano by Stuart & Sons handcrafted Tasmanian Huon pine timber 9 octaves keyboard 2018The first 9 octave 108 key piano built in the World

The average modern piano has a total of 88 keys (7 octaves plus a minor third, from A0 to C8), but the amazing new 108 key piano has a 9 octave range, which reaches the frequency realms of many pipe organs: C0 (16Hz) to B8 (7902Hz), setting a totally new key range for piano keyboards in the 21st century.

Concert Grand 108 key piano Australian made by Stuart & Sons handcrafted Tasmanian Huon pine timber 9 octaves keyboard 2018 photo
The Concert Grand 108 Key Piano by Stuart & Sons

The unimaginable goal of 9 octaves has been realized after 300 years of piano development in the World, enabling the performance of all known compositions written for the instrument without frequency compromise. ​Music has started to be written specifically for the whole 9 octave range of the Stuart & Sons 108 key piano.

World's first 108 key grand piano by Stuart & Sons handcrafted Tasmanian Huon pine timber 9 octaves keyboard 2018 photos
…in the workshop

Stuart & Sons took the opportunity to access as many new materials, engineering capabilities, and innovation, to rewrite the rule book, and design and produce the first known 9 octave acoustic piano for the 21st century and beyond.

The World’s first 108 key piano now lives at its new home at Beleura House, an elegant mansion built in 1863, in Mornington, Victoria.Beleura logo building emblem mansion illustration

The director of Beleura House, Anthony Knight, commissioned the $300,000 piano, which will be used to nurture Australian musical talent. Beleura House was originally owned by John Tallis, a musician and composer, until his death in 1996, when he bequeathed the house to the people of Victoria.

Beleura website menu music Stuart & Sons piano pages
The official website ~ (2018)

The 108 key piano can be seen at Beleura House & Garden on the Mornington Peninsula, during various events and tours. Beleura House & Garden ~ Silvan Grove, Mornington, Victoria

See the Concert Grand 108 key piano by Stuart & Sons

Beleura House & Garden Tour on Wednesday 3rd October 2018

see the Beleura events list

World premiere Stuart & Sons piano Bach & Alan Griffiths at Beleura

World Premiere : Stuart & Sons, Bach, Griffiths

Saturday 22nd September 2018

 Australian / New Zealand modernist composer Alan Griffiths performs his new album “Rare View”, which explores his 27 years of unique compositional style and brilliant, imaginative lyricism. Nicholas Young (piano virtuoso) will also be performing, accompanied by special guests, George Yang (cellist) and Dominik Przywara (Polish concert violinist). This event is the world premiere of the new Stuart and Sons 108 key 9 octave concert grand piano, the only one of its kind in the world. Nicholas Young will be performing Bach’s ‘Gigue’ finale from his rarely heard Sonata in A minor BWV 965. The sonority and beautiful craftsmanship of this magnificent piano will be captured on Sony’s new High Res series of professional microphones and cameras. >>> update : SOLD OUT

World's first 108 key grand piano by Stuart & Sons handcrafted Tasmanian Huon pine timber 9 octaves keyboard 2018 construction photos

What’s the Most Amount of Keys on a Piano?

The standard number of keys on a piano is usually 88, which developed over a long period of time.  The earliest pianos had about 60 keys, and about 5 octave of keys. In the second half of the 19th century 85 keys became the standard for most pianos, and by the end of the 1800s, 88 keys became the new standard, which it still is today.

For 90 years Imperial Bösendorfer was the only concert grand piano in the world with 97 keys, until the 1990s when Stuart & Sons started building pianos with 97 and 102 keys.

As of September 2018, the most amount of keys on a piano is…

108 keys

This informative Living Pianos video from 2017 needs to be updated to include the 108 key piano…

about Stuart & Sons

Stuart and Sons have been the makers of world class handcrafted grand pianos since 1992. The family owned Australian business based in Tumut, was founded by designer Wayne Stuart.

Wayne Stuart piano master craftsman at Stuart & Sons Australian business
Wayne Stuart ~ piano designer & master craftsman at Stuart & Sons

Lost in the Music – Conversation with Wayne Stuart, founder of Stuart & Sons : This video explains some of the history behind the company Stuart & Sons, and the innovative handcrafted grand pianos that it produces…(2016 video produced by Kostas Metaxas)

Snowy Valleys Up Close on Stuart & Sons Pianos : Brook Penfold and Alex Stuart of Stuart & Sons discuss how they moved to the Snowy Valleys after they fell in love with the region while holidaying there. They also discuss a little about the concert grand pianos being built, including the 108 key piano for Beleura House in production…(June 2018 video by Snowy Valleys UpClose)

Stuart & Sons piano maker video by Newcastle Herald(2012 video filmed & produced by Dean Osland for the Newcastle Herald)

Stuart & Sons pianos website page 2018 Australian made
Stuart & Sons pianos website page (2018) ~

Stuart & Sons piano makers logo

visit the official website

The Stuart & Sons website main menu :

Home | About | 108 Keys | Pianos | Sound | Gallery | News | Contact

S T U A R T  &  S O N S  o n  S O C i A L  M E D i A

Stuart & Sons Australian Handcrafted Grand Pianos Facebook page 

Stuart & Sons pianos website contact page 2018 family business Tumut NSW photo pianos contact page (2018) Tumut, NSW, Australia (photo)

Stuart & Sons is located in Tumut at the base of the Snowy Mountains, in NSW Australia.Visit the Tumut region “Catch your breath” ~

The first 108 key piano in the news

ABC NEWS : World’s first 108-key concert grand piano built by Australia’s only piano maker (news story by Oscar Wills & Rosie King ~ 15th September 2018)

ABC Radio Adelaide News :  World’s first 108-key piano unlocks lost musical potential (3 minute broadcast on Saturday 15th September 2018) News report by Oscar Wills, features Wayne Stuart the Piano maker at Stuart and Sons, Dr Edward Neeman a piano pedagogue, and Anthony Knight the director at Beleura House and Garden.

World's first 108 key grand piano by Stuart & Sons handcrafted Tasmanian Huon pine timber 9 octaves keyboard 2018
The Concert Grand 108 Key Piano by Stuart & Sons, handcrafted Tasmanian Huon pine

Stuart & Sons on Wikipedia : World’s first 108 key concert grand piano built by Australia’s only piano maker (September 2018)

more information coming

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