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Merry Monday & a Happy New Month

Have a Merry Monday & a Happy New Year on this brand new week

Monday 1st October 2018 (update)

Welcome to a new week and a new month on the same day. Most new months don’t start on a new week, which is a magnificent day to start your New Month’s resolutions, today on Monday.

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A new month only starts on a Monday on 1 or 2 months per year, on average, which is 1.6 times per year, based on all 16 in a 10 year period between 2008 to 2018*, with no reoccurring patterns, such as the 3 months in 2010, 1 month in 2011 and 2012,  and 2 months in 2013. [*test period from  the start of 2008 to the start of 2018]

update : Monday 1st October 2018

The last time the month started on a Monday was on the 1st January 2018. The next time a new month starts on a Monday is on the 1st April 2019.

When will Monday next be on the 1st day of the month?

1st April 2019

1st July 2019

1st June 2020

1st February 2021

1st March 2021

1st November 2021

1st August 2022

1st May 2023

Have a Merry Monday and a Happy New Month, hoping all your New Month’s resolutions come true. ~ 

The Top 30 songs about Mondays

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The Top 30 Monday Songs about Mondays ~

More about MONDAYS


HAVE A MAGNIFICENT MAGICAL MONDAY : For many people Monday is the worst day of the week, due to it being the start of the working week after an enjoyable weekend. But you can learn to love Mondaysread more

MERRY MONDAY & A HAPPY NEW WEEK : Monday is a marvelous day to think of your life goals, and then do something each day of the week that that takes you closer to them… read more

MERRY MONDAY & A HAPPY NEW MONTH : includes ABOUT MONDAYS : The name of Monday derived from the Old English name of Mōnandæg and Middle English name of Monenday, which means Moon Day… read more

Merry Monday & a Happy New Week cover banner sunset sunrise photo 1st day winter June 2012


Monday ~ : About Monday, Etymology, Position in the week, Religious observances, Different languages, and Astrology.


MONDAY Websites ~ Sir Paul McCartney, with his daughters Mary and Stella, launched the Meat Free Monday food campaign on Monday 15th June 2009, which encourages people to help slow climate change by having one meat free day a week. Having a Meat Free Monday every week is a simple way to start making a difference in the world. Paul McCartney speaking about MFM on the 2nd March 2015 at at Bloomberg Philanthropies (video) ~ Meatless Monday is a global movement with the message “once a week, cut the meat.” Meatless Monday was launched in 2003,  as a non-profit initiative of The Monday Campaigns. Their goal is to reduce meat consumption by 15% for people’s personal health and the health of the planet. Watch the What is Meatless Monday? video ~ The Monday Campaigns is a non-profit public health initiative associated with Johns Hopkins, Columbia and Syracuse universities, that dedicates the first day of every week to health. Every Monday, individuals and organizations join together to commit to the healthy behaviors that can help end chronic preventable diseases. Research conducted by Johns Hopkins concluded that health promotions utilizing weekly periodicity and the unique cultural associations of Monday as the beginning of the week have the potential to positively affect a range of healthy behaviors.



Most people don’t like Mondays, and make music about it, such as The Boomtown Rats did with their song I Don’t Like Mondays (1979)or Manic Monday by The Bangles (1986)

See the full Top 30 Monday Songs featuring the music videos of some top 10, pop, punk, rock, blues, country, classics and crap songs about Monday.

The Top 30 songs about Mondays

op 30 Monday Songs about Mondays music videos cover banner big white type featured image
The Top 30 Monday Songs about Mondays ~

MONDAY Titled Bands ~ An American classic rock and blues band from Central NY. ~  An American four-piece rock ‘n roll band from Richmond, Virginia. Band Members: Mike Devericks, Bill Huebner, Jeff Rothman, Bill Sturman | Facebook ~ An American rock band from Oklahoma City. Band members : Craig Stearnes “Troll” (Lead Guitar), Rick Rich (Bass Guitar), Robby Ellis (Drums),  Dennis Smith (Rhythm Guitar), Eric Smith (Vocals) | Facebook page | YouTube ~ A Swiss heavy rock metal grunge band from Bern, Switzerland, founded in 2004. Band members : Patrik Pfister (vocals), Dominik Pfister (Guitar), Michu Portmann (Guitar), Jazz Ontheroxx (Bass), Stefan Häberli (Drums)|  Facebook | YouTube ~ Happy Mondays is a British rock band from Salford, Greater Manchester, England, formed in 1980. Band members : Shaun Ryder, Mark “Bez” Berry, Gary Whelan, Mark Day, Paul Ryder, Paul Davis, Rowetta Satchell | Facebook (verified) | YouTube ~ An English indie band from Manchester, England.  Band Members: Marc (Shaun), Leanne (Rowetta), Peter (Bez), Adam (Guitar), Luc (Bass), Pete (Drums) | FacebookYouTube

Hey Monday ~ An American rock band from West Palm Beach, Florida, that formed in 2008. Band members : Cassadee Pope, Mike Gentile, Alex Lipshaw, Chris Gentile, Patrick McKenzie | Facebook | VEVO YouTube ~ A German rock band from Hamburg, Germany. Band members: Nikita Grabin (Guitar/Vocals), Adrian Boog ( Bass/Vocals), Ole Müller (Guitar/Vocals), Dominic Harrison (Drums/Vocals) | Facebook | YouTube videos ~ An American alternative punk rock pop band from Los Angeles. Band members : Jeremy and Zack Shada, Logan Charles, John Spicer, and Seth Renken | Facebook | YouTube videos ~ German band ~ An American pop rock band from Long Island, New York. Band members: Ken Carmen (Vocals, Keyboards) Don Cook (Bass, Vocals) Tristan James (Bass,Vocals) John Aita (Guitars, Vocals) Scott Viscardi (Drums & Percussion) | | The Mondays: Now & Then Music Video  on YouTube ~ The Monday After is an American electro pop soul band from Seattle, Washington. Band members : Jaz Lund (Lead Vocals/Bass/Synths), Seth Paul (Guitar/Vocals/Sampling), Chris Anderson (Drums) | Facebook | YouTube videos ~ is an American cover band from Arcadia, Wisconsin. Genre: Classic Rock, Classic Rock, Country. Band members: Kyle, Whitey, Peter, Adam, Tommie, Jarrod. | The Mondays : Chicken Fried (cover) on YouTube ~ An English stoner rock band from London, England. Band members : Members: Mr. D (voice and guitar), Duck Face (drums and back vocals)


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