HOW OLD DO i LOOK? ~ DO YOU LOOK YOUNGER or OLDER? : Age of face analysis

How Old Do i Look website official Microsoft website app header cover banner face photos 2015HOW OLD DO i LOOK? ~

Find out how old you look by using the new Microsoft age of face analysis website ~ How-Old.netHow Old Do i Look website official Microsoft website app face photos screenshot 2015Microsoft were expecting about 50 users for a test for this demo they were building, but ended up with over 35,000 users within hours of being released. Read the full story behind this demo

How Old Do i Look website official Microsoft website face ages results photos screenshot 2015
website example of age & gender results achieved an Alexa world website ranking of 6,247 on the 5th May 2015, within only 5 days, since it was previously ranked over 2.5 million, only 1 week earlier. UPDATE (8 May 2015) 4 days later, the website was ranked at 3,812 in the world.

How Old Do i Look website official website handsome male pretty female face ages results photos
example of age & gender results


How Old Do You Really Look? Microsoft’s New Website Will Tell You – The Drop Presented by ADD : Microsoft recently launched a website that claims to find out your age just by a photo. It’s simple. Upload a selfie, wait a few seconds, then there you have it. Sometimes it’s spot on, and other times hilariously off. ADD put some of their people to the test and want you to do the same! (YouTube video)

HOW-OLD.Net RUiNS EVERYONE’S SELF-ESTEEM ~ SourceFed Plays! : Microsoft has a new facial recognition website that is pretty accurate… sometimes (SourceFedNERD video)…

HOW OLD DO CELEBRiTiES LOOK? : Kylie Jenner VS Kendall Jenner who looks older?.. plus see Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. Starring Bonnie Fuller, Emily Longeretta, Katrina Mitzeliotis (Hollywood Life YouTube video)

The HOW OLD DO I LOOK? App is Crazy : What’s Trending Now (1st May 2015) Everyone on your Facebook is playing with this age app that guesses how old they are? You can blame Microsoft for that. See these funny results (video)



CBC News : How Old Do I Look? Microsoft’s face-reading app guesses with a single photo (30 April 2015) Developers thought 50 people would try it, but got 35,000 uses in a few hours. Developers at Microsoft’s Build conference severely underestimated the popularity of their experimental app… read more

Yahoo Health : What That ‘How Old Do I Look’ Tool Is Probably Examining To Guess Your Age (by Grace Gold – 2 May 2015) It’s probably flooding your Facebook feed (and if it hasn’t yet, you can start the trend in your own social circle)… read more

New Statesman : Here’s why you shouldn’t take Microsoft’s “How Old Do I Look” app too seriously (by Tosin Thompson – 1 May 2015) Don’t feel so bad if Microsoft’s new face analysis tool completely guesses your age and/or gender wrong. The app still needs work… read more

Hollywood Life : Kylie Jenner, Justin Bieber & More: Their Age On ‘How Old Do I Look’ App (by Shira Benozilla – 1 May 2014) How old do you look? A new website is making waves for being able to tell your age, or rather, how old you look, from one simple picture! Wouldn’t it be fun to see how old our fav celebs look? Well, we uploaded their pics to see!.. read more

The independent : How Old Do I Look: The new website to make you feel worse about your appearance (by Doug Bolton – 1 May 2015) Microsoft’s new web app isn’t going to do anything for your self-esteem. In the age of Facebook, Instagram and photoshop, spending time on the internet doesn’t do anything for your self-esteem. When you’re constantly looking at friends’ photos of their amazing exotic holidays and liking supermodels’ selfies, it’s easy to feel like your life just doesn’t match up… read

Global News : How old do you really look? Microsoft’s age-guessing app will either delight or outrage you (by Nicole Bogart – 1 May 2015) Everyone knows you should always tread carefully when guessing someone’s age – but it looks like Microsoft missed that memo… read more

Fox 2 Now : How old do you really look? This website will tell you in seconds (by CNN Wires – 1 May 2015) You’re only as old as you think you are. Or in this case, as old as a computer algorithm thinks you are… read more

Ultimate Classic Rock : How Old Do Rock’s Biggest Stars Look? (by Nick DeRiso) Ever wonder how old your favorite rock star is? Or, more specifically, how old a computer thinks they look?.. read more




Guess My Age .net guessing game website blue letters type

Guess My Age is an age guessing website. Look at the random photos and guess how old they are. You can also upload your own photo and find out how old you look. Type your guess into the guessing box and click guess, and the correct results will appear. Guess My Age is free to play and free to upload your photo. Released in 2005, now with over 37,000 members.

_________________________ age guessing website lady or teen years old asian girl photo female eyes 2015
How old is this girl?.. or is it a lady? ~

An age guessing game. Look at the random photos of young and old, males and females, and click on the an age from 11 to 80 years old to make your guess, and see your results instantly.


Match Age .com website guess how old logo

Guess the age of the women and men in the photos.




_________________________ : Can We Guess Your Real Age?

Answer 15 questions, and they’ll guess what age you are! ~ created by Greg Summers



10 Anti-Aging Foods That Make You Look 10 Years Younger (Bright Side video)…Many of us want to look younger than we are, and live a long and happy life. A good genetic inheritance gives you a head start, but your diet also plays a very important part in helping you increase your lifespan. The video above reveals the 10 anti-aging foods, & more, including : avocado, berries, carrots, citrus fruits, garlic, olive oil, tomatoes, oily fish, turmeric, chocolate & more.*

*note: vegans & vegetarians will not agree with 2 items suggested in the video above

If you do this every night, your face will look younger… The 8 most important reasons why you should always wash off your makeup (Bright Side video)…Do you often feel too lazy to wash off your makeup before you go to bed?.. avoid doing this because leaving your makeup on overnight brings more harm than you can imagine!.. the video above contains a list of the 8 most important reasons why you should always wash off your makeup. Learn the simple rule to fight against the most annoying problem, acne.



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