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Actress Portia de Rossi has trademarked Synograph™ painting, which is  a new textured painting reproduction printing process, after developments with Fujifilm.

RH Presents General Public Portia de Rossi video studio office desk hearts tshirt
RH Presents Portia de Rossi at General Public (Restoration Hardware video)

Her new company is called General Public, an art publishing company that uses advanced 3-D technologies to print paintings with all the dimensions and texture of the original.

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Portia de Rossi formed the General Public® art company with a view to bring good art to more people. As a long-time art lover and collector, she became fascinated with the concept of reproducing paintings using new 3D technology, because she believes an artist’s work should be shared by as many people who wish to own the art, and not just enjoyed by one collector.

RH presents General Public (video)

General Public curate art from within the walls of their studio, and from artists all over the World. All artists receive a royalty payment from each Synograph™ painting sold.

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Unlike the current method of printing, which is basically a flat poster version of a painting, the Synograph textured prints are almost identical to the original with all the texture and articulation painted by the artist.

Portia likes to think of the originals as sculpture molds, and the prints are as valuable as the original painting. A synograph is like a photograph, and allows the artist to create multiple works from the original, thereby taking great paintings out of galleries and making them available to the General Public.

Portia de Rossi Ellen show wife Ellen DeGeneres 2018 video General Public art
Portia & Ellen explain General Public on The Ellen Show (16 May 2018 / ellenTube)

Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi, explain the new Synograph art business venture “General Public” on The Ellen show on the 16th may 2018…

Portia de Rossi started the art curation and publishing company because she has always been a huge art lover, studying art at school, and very interested in business.

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Struggling artists usually sell the original, and that’s it, but what General Public are doing, is buying the original art from the artist, copying it, and making it available for sale, and the artist gets royalties, an extra payment when someone buys a copy of their art.

“General Public, an art curation company founded by Portia de Rossi, is revolutionizing the way we think about and collect art.”          ~ RH Modern

RH Modern Restoration Hardware presents General Public art paintings 3D printing Portia de RossiRH Modern presents General Public

General Public offers a variety of prints by emerging and established artists (selected by Portia and a small group of art advisers), as well as printed reproductions from the public domain, and anonymous 19th-century portraits and still-life paintings found at markets and antique stores. Some reproductions are presented in limited editions, and others as unlimited runs, available for on-demand orders. The average price of a painting is $1000, with the prices ranging from $500 to $3,000.

Visit the official General Public website


Portia de Rossi ~ CEO/Co-Founder of General Public




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