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What is the AZOOSH Network all ABOUT?..

The Azoosh network is all about innovation, with a difference, and making a better world online for everybody.

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The No.1 Azoosh project is the Azoosh.com website, which is now the World’s largest directory & guide to the World WideWeb in production online.

AZOOSH.com ✔  Verified Website Guide

“Azoosh.com is the FRONT PAGE iNDEX of the iNTERNET & the World Wide Web”

Azoosh.com is all about discovering the world of websites, webpages & blogs from A to Z on almost everything on the internet of interest to everybody …read more about Azoosh.com 

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…more will be announced about other amazing Azoosh projects in 2015

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About AZOOSH.com & The A to Z of the World Wide Web

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Azoosh.com will show you from A to Z what’s Amazing, Beautiful, Creative, Delightful, Educational, Funny, Geeky, Historical, inspirational, Jolly, Knowledgeable, Luxurious, Mystifying, Natural, Optimistic, Philosophical, Quaint, Refreshing, Social, Technical, Unique,  Vital, Weird, Xenolithic, Yearly and Zany on the World Wide Web.

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Welcome aboard the Azoosh platform, where we are all passengers aboard the same Spaceship Earth, travelling in the Universe in search of knowledge, peace and happiness.

We wish you a very enjoyable virtual journey with Azoosh…


M e l b o u r n e  ~  A u s t r a l i a  ~  E a r t h  ~  U n i v e r s e

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The complete A to Z of the World Wide Web has begun…

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The A to Z of the World Wide Web ~ Azoosh.com


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