Today in History video for January 4th features: 2006 ~ Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel suffered a 2nd stroke & coma |1809 ~ Louis Braille the inventor of Braille was born  |1999 ~ Jesse Ventura was sworn in as governor of Minnesota | 1965 ~ T. S. Eliot died…Video by Associated Press (AP.org



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interesting  EVENTS on the 3rd of JANUARY

1749 : Berlingske Tidende national newspaper of Denmark was published for the first time. Berlingske is Denmark’s oldest operating newspaper in continuous publication. Official website : Berlingske.dk

1777 : George Washington the American general defeated British General Lord Cornwallis at the Battle of Princeton.

1833 : Falkland Islands : Ssovereignty over the Falkland Islands was claimed by The United Kingdom.

1870 : Brooklyn Bridge construction began in New York, USA.

1892 : J.R.R. Tolkien the English writer was born as John Ronald Reuel Tolkien in Bloemfontein, South Africa. J.R.R. Tolkien was best known for writing The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings. He died in 1973 aged 81.

1909 : Victor Borge the Danish-American pianist and conductor was born as Børge Rosenbaum in Copenhagen, Denmark. He died in 2000 aged 91.

1956 : The Eiffel Tower was fire damaged at the top.

1956 : Mel Gibson the American-Australian actor and filmmaker was born in New York, USA.

1957 : The first electric watch was introduced by the Hamilton Watch Company.

1958 : The West Indies Federation was formed.

1959 : Alaska was granted statehood when it was admitted as the 49th U.S. state.

1969 : Michael Schumacher the German racing driver was born in Hürth, West Germany.

1975 : Danica McKellar the American actress was born in La Jolla, California, USA.

1977 : Apple Computer technology company was incorporated.

1993 : George H. W. Bush and Boris Yeltsin signed the second Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), in Moscow, Russia.

1994 : Baikal Airlines Flight 130 crashed in Russia, causing 125 deaths.

1999 : The Mars Polar Lander was launched by NASA.

2000 : Peanuts comic strip ended its final daily edition. The Sundays editions ended approximately 1 month later on the 13th February 2000.

2003 : Greta Thunberg the Swedish environmental activist was born in Stockholm, Sweden.

2004 : Flash Airlines Flight 604 crashed into the Red Sea, causing 148 deaths, in one of the deadliest aviation accidents in Egyptian history.

2009 : The Bitcoin blockchain first block (Genesis block) was established by Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of the system.

2014 : Phil Everly the American singer and guitarist in The Everly Brothers duo, died aged 74 (born in 1939).

2018 : Meltdown and Spectre computer vulnerabilities were reported by analysts, and affected the microprocessors of almost all computers in the world.

2019 : Chang’e 4 robotic spacecraft mission lander made the first soft landing on the far side of the Moon, and deployed the Yutu-2 lunar rover, in the second phase of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program.

2020 : Qasem Soleimani the Iranian General was killed by an American airstrike, near Baghdad International Airport.

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Today in History on the 3rd January video features: 1777 ~ Washington’s army routs the British in the Battle of New Jersey | 1990 ~ Manuel Noriega surrenders to U.S. forces | 1967 ~ Jack Ruby died |  1892 ~ Author J.R.R. Tolkien is born


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