Monday 13th January 2014

The fires in the Perth Hills in Western Australia destroyed 52 houses, killing one person attempting to save his home. The fires started burning after 2 days of temperatures over 40 °C (104 °F) in the Perth Hills area, including ParkervilleStoneville and Mundaring.

Video: Parkerville Bush Fire ~ 7News Perth (13th January 2014)…


WA Today: Perth hills residents confront fire devastation (14th January 2014) Only when she saw how the windows in her house had melted, not shattered, did the true ferocity of the Perth Hills bushfire hit home for Stacey Delich… read more & see photos

Perth Now: Residents begin to return home after 52 properties lost to Perth Hills fire (14th January 2014) Fire victims have slowly started to have their first look at the devastation caused by Sunday’s inferno that destroyed 52 homes… read more, see video & photos Locals return to Perth hills devastation (14th January 2014) THE flames may be out, but the recovery for the Perth hills after Sunday’s devastating firestorm is just beginning as residents who lost homes return to view the damage… read more

ABC News: PM with Mark Colvin: Residents inspect damage from Perth hills fire (repoter: Caitlyn Gribbin 14th January 2014) David Mark: Residents whose homes have been destroyed by the Perth hills bushfire today saw the devastation for the first time… read more & hear show audio

WA Today: Power pole failure led to Perth hills fire that destroyed 55 homes (by  ~ 15th January 2014) It has been confirmed a private power pole started the Parkerville fire that destroyed 55 homes… read more & see photos

WA Today: How to donate to the Perth hills bushfire appeal (14th January 2014) The Lord Mayor’s Distress Relief Fund has been activated to raise and coordinate donations to support the victims of the fire currently burning in parts of Perth hills… read more & see photos

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