The Voice Australia 2018 Sam Perry & Kelly Rowland grand final winner performance 17June DJ looper featured image photo

SAM PERRY : Vocal Loop Artist : The Voice Australia 2018 winner

Sam Perry became the first vocal loop artist to win The Voice Australia 2018.

Congratulations Sam Perry vocal loop artist & Kelly Rowland mentor The Voice Australia Facebook cover photo banner pic June2018
Sam Perry & Kelly Rowland ~ The Voice Australia Facebook cover photo (June 2018)

“Meet Sam” The Voice Australia 2018 “first look” big promo build up about Sam coming to audition for the show…Sam performed a mash up of Fatboy Slims classic “Praise You” & Kanye West’s anthem “Stronger” to produce a sensational Grand Finale performance.

Sam Perry is a one man orchestra, armed only with a loop station, effect pedal and microphone. He is able to create layer upon layer of haunting vocal harmonies, heavy bass lines, break-beats, and beat boxed rhythms, live on the spot.

An amazing performance on grand final night!.. Kelly and Sam slay it as they finally share the stage together…

The Voice Australia 2018 winner Sam Perry & Kelly Rowland grand final performance DJ looper looping photo type
Sam Perry & Kelly Rowland performing in the grand final of The Voice Australia 2018

The Lives 4: Sam Perry singing Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen’s biggest song, and Sam takes it to another level with this distinctive rendition…

Over 1 million people voted, making it the biggest recorded amount of votes on The Voice in Australia, in all time.

The Grand Finale winning song : Sam Perry sings Praise You x Stronger | The Voice Australia…

Sam Perry won $100,000 and a recording contract.

Vocal loop artist Sam Perry promo ad pic Adelaide Fringe March2018 graphic design logo

Sam Perry is your Voice of Australia for 2018 ~

ABOUT Sam Perry

Sam Perry answers questions by The Voice Australia (9Now video)

Sam Perry was born Samuel Nicholas Perry in Perth, Western Australia. His skills make him a one man orchestra, with his loop station, effect pedal and microphone. He’s able to create multiple layers of haunting vocal harmonies, including heavy bass lines, break-beats, and beat boxed rhythms, live and spontaneously.

more about Sam Perry (The Voice Australia 9Now video)

Sam Perry’s artist profile on The Voice ~

For the last 4 years, Sam has been touring internationally as a World class vocal loop artist. He found this unique talent when mimicking sounds in the classroom.

When Sam isn’t performing, he runs a graphics company.

Vocal loop artist Sam Perry promo ad pic baner cover photo March2018 graphic design logo

When Sam performed his audition on The Voice, all 4 coaches turned immediately, causing the biggest pitch fight ever seen on the show before, with Delta saying “That was the coolest thing we’ve ever seen on The Voice”.

In 2013 Sam was scouted for the 360 Allstars – Urban Circus (Onyx Productions) a live theater stunt show. The show toured Australia and Germany,  and continues to tour internationally.

After 8 months on the road, Sam returned home at the end of 2013 for a special live performance, at one of the prestigious TEDxtalks at The Octagon Theatre, leaving his audience in a hypnotic state of ore..

Without a rest, Sam jumped back into making an all new performance, The World Is.. ~ a non stop vocal soundscape performed live to a projected cinematic film adventure, which was directed by Brendan Joel. The show premiered at Perth’s Fringe World Festival in 2014, selling out all nights, with a 4 star review from The West Australian & the Fringe World Music Award of 2014.

The official domain name : redirects to Sam’s  Facebook page

Sam Perry on SOCiAL MEDiA

Sam Perry Music Facebook profile pic photo 18June 2018 vocal loop artist
Sam Perry’s Facebook profile pic


over 35,000 followers

Sam Perry Music Facebook page The Voice vocal loop artist 18June 2018 screenshot
Sam Perry’s Facebook page (18 June 2018)


over 39,000 followers


over 2000 followers



over 14,000 subscribers




Sam Perry on SPOTiFY

Sam Perry Spotify music website profile pic vocal loop artist June2018
Listen to Sam Perry for free on Spotify


Sam Perry Music Bandcamp Stepping Stones song track website March2018
Listen to Stepping Stones by Sam Perry on Bandcamp


The VOICE Australia

The Voice Australia official website

also checkout

Auditions for 2019 season of The Voice are now open!

Kelly Rowland profile ~ ~ the coach of Sam Perry

The Voice (Australian TV series) ~ Wikipedia

The Voice Australia SOCiAL MEDiA :


over 567,000 subscribers

The Voice Australia YouTube

see all the Sam Perry videos on The Voice YouTube channel


over 1 million followers


over 211,000 followers


over 224,000 followers



Sam Perry Specials at

(18th June 2018)


Is Sam Perry going to represent Australia at the 2019 Eurovision?..

Sam Perry to Represent Australia at Eurovision in 2019 @ $6.00

Is Sam Perry going to do the Theme Song for the next James Bond film “Bond 25”?..

Sam Perry to do the Theme Song for Bond 25 in 2019 @ $21.00

Will Sam Perry win a Grammy in 2019?..

Sam Perry to Win a 2019 Grammy @ $51

[based upon betting odds at ~ 18 June 2018]


Settled on the peak position on the ARiA Singles Chart for the first single by Sam Perry

Number 1 @ $2.50 | Number 2 @ $6.00 | Number 3 @ $8.00 | Number 4 @ $10.00 | Number 5 @ $12.00 | Number 6 to 10 @ $5.00 | Number 11 to 20 @ $8.00 | Number 21 to 50 @ $10.00 | Not in the Top 50 @ $16


The VOiCE Australia 2014 winner ~ ANJA NiSSEN

Anja Nissen is The Voice winner 2014 won Australian best singer TV competition celebration purple photo banner
The Voice Australia winner in 2014 ~ Anja Nissen

Who won MasterChef Australia & Junior MasterChef Australia 2020 ?

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