SEPTEMBER 29th ~ This Day in History video by History.com ~ 2005 : Reporter Judith Miller was released from prison | & more about history on this day in the video… New York Times reporter Judith Miller was released from a federal detention center in Alexandria, Virginia, after agreeing to testify in the investigation into the leaking of the identity of covert CIA officer Valerie Plame.

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1789 ~ The United States Department of War first established a regular army with several hundred men.

1789 ~ The 1st United States Congress adjourned.

1885 ~ The first practical public electric tramway in the world was opened, in Blackpool, England.

1949 ~ The Communist Party of China wrote the Common Programme for the future People’s Republic of China.

1951 ~ The first live sporting event seen in the United States from coast-to-coast, was televised on NBC, featuring a college football game between Duke and the University of Pittsburgh.

1954 ~ The convention establishing CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, was signed.

1962 ~ Alouette 1, the first Canadian satellite was launched.

1966 ~ The Chevrolet Camaro (originally the Chevrolet Panther) was introduced.

1988 ~ NASA launched the STS-26 Space Shuttle mission,  known as the return to flight mission, after the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.

1990 ~ Construction of the Washington National Cathedral was completed.

2004 ~ The asteroid 4179 Toutatis passed within 4 lunar distances of Earth.

2007 ~ Calder Hall, the world’s first commercial nuclear power station was demolished in a controlled explosion.

2008 ~ The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 777.68 points, after the bankruptcies of Lehman Brothers and Washington Mutual, becoming the largest single-day point loss in its history.

2009 ~ An 8.0 magnitude earthquake near the Samoan Islands caused a tsunami.

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