1500s / 16th century history on the 24th of May

1595 : The 1st printed catalogue of an institutional library was published. It is known as The Nomenclator of Leiden University Library, and was published in Leiden, Netherlands.

444 years of Leiden University (Universiteit Leiden YouTube channel video)
1800s / 19th century history on the 24th of May

1844 : Samuel Morse sent a message to inaugurate a commercial telegraph line between Washington D.C and Baltimore. The message was “What hath God wrought”, a biblical quotation he sent to Alfred Vail, his assistant in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

1883 : The Brooklyn Bridge in New York City was opened after 14 years of construction, and 27 deaths while being built. The Brooklyn Bridge over the East River connected the cities of New York and Brooklyn for the first time in history. It was designed by the late John A. Roebling, and was the  largest suspension bridge ever built to that date. 

1900s / 20th century history on the 24th of May

1940 : Igor Sikorsky performed the first successful single-rotor helicopter flight.

1941 : Bob Dylan the American singer-songwriter was born Robert Allen Zimmerman in Duluth, Minnesota, USA. Official website : BobDylan.com

Mr. Tambourine Man live at the Newport Folk Festival in 1964 (Bob Dylan verified YouTube channel video)

1944 : Patti LaBelle the American singer-songwriter was born Patricia Louise Holte in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Official website : PattiLaBelle.com

Patti LaBelle – On My Own – song released in 1986 – official music video featuring Michael McDonald – song released in 1986 (Patti LaBelle verified YouTube channel video)

1945 : Priscilla Presley the American businesswoman and actor was born Priscilla Ann Wagner (Beaulieu after adoption) in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Remembering Elvis: Priscilla Presley’s life with The King (7NEWS Spotlight verified YouTube channel video)

1956 : The 1st Eurovision Song Contest was held in Lugano, Switzerland.

Eurovision 1956 Switzerland / Lys Assia – Refrain (video)
Eurovision Song Contest 1956 – Video Recap of all 14 songs (video)

1981 : Andy Lee the Australian comedian was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He is best known from the Hamish & Andy comedy duo. Website : HamishAndAndy.com

2000s / 21st century history on the 24th of May

2002 : The United States and Russia signed the Moscow Treaty.

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