1500s / 16th century history on the 24th of June

1509 : Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon were crowned the King and Queen of England. His marriage to Catherine of Aragon was the first of all his 6 marriages.

June 24 – A midsummer coronation for Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon (The Anne Boleyn Files and Tudor Society YouTube channel video)
1700s / 18th century history on the 24th of June

1717 : The Premier Grand Lodge of England was founded in London, as the first Masonic Grand Lodge in the world. It is now known as the United Grand Lodge of England.

1900s / 20th century history on the 24th of June

1917 : Joan Clarke (MBE*) the English cryptanalyst and numismatist was born in West Norwood, London, England (died in 1996 aged 79). She was best known as a code-breaker at Bletchley Park during the Second World War, which was portrayed by Keira Knightley in the film The Imitation Game (2014). Her part in the Enigma project that decrypted Nazi Germany’s secret communications saw her awarded an MBE. *Member of the Order of the British Empire

Joan Clarke – WW2 Enigma Codebreaker (Lesser Known Faces YouTube channel video)

1923 : Margaret Olley (AC) the Australian painter and philanthropist was born in Lismore, New South Wales, Australia (died in 2011 aged 88).

The Green Kitchen – Margaret Olley Art Centre (Tweed Shire Council
Margaret Olley: lauded and loved artist (ABC News Australia verified YouTube channel video)

1938 : Meteorite pieces landed near Chicora in Pennsylvania, USA. The meteorite was approximately 450 metric tons in total weight when it hit the Earth’s atmosphere, and then exploded.

1939 : Siam was renamed Thailand, by Plaek Phibunsongkhram, the country’s 3rd prime minister.

1944 : Jeff Beck the English guitarist and songwriter was born Geoffrey Arnold Beck in Wallington, Surrey, England. Official website : JeffBeck.com

Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp – Isolation (Jeff Beck verified YouTube channel video)

1947 : The first widely reported UFO* sighting was made by pilot Kenneth Arnold near Mount Rainier in Washington, USA, when he claimed to have observed 9 unusual objects flying in tandem. *UFO : unidentified flying object

24th June 1947: The first widely-reported UFO sighting was made by private pilot Kenneth Arnold (HistoryPod YouTube channel video)

1949 : Hopalong Cassidy, the first television western was aired, on NBC in the United States.

Hopalong Cassidy featured in the Four Western Heroes Classic TV Themes (David Gideon YouTube channel video)
Hopalong Cassidy arrived in Australia (British Movietone verified YouTube channel video)

1951 : Raelene Boyle (AM, MBE) the Australian sprinter was born in Coburg, Victoria, Australia.

Raelene Boyle wins 400m in 1982

1975 : Eastern Air Lines Flight 66 crashed due to a severe wind shear microburst on its final approach to JFK Airport in New York, USA, resulting in the deaths of 113 of the 124 people on board. It was the deadliest plane crash in the United States, at the time.

1997 : Brian Keith the American actor died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, aged 75 (born in 1921).

Tragic Events That Lead to Brian Keith’s Death (Facts Verse verified YouTube channel video)
Family Affair Intro and Theme (video)

1997 : U.S. AiR FORCE officials released a 231 page REPORT dismissing claims of an ALiEN SPACECRAFT CRASH in ROSWELL, New Mexico,  50 years earlier, in . Public interest in UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) began to increase in the 1940s, with the developments in space travel in the dawn of the atomic age, and many Americans looking to the skies. The town of Roswell  in New Mexico, became a magnet for UFO believers due to the strange events in July 1947, when ranch foreman W.W. Brazel found strange, shiny material scattered over his property. He turned the material over to the sheriff, who passed it on to authorities at the nearby Air Force base. On the 8th July Air Force officials announced they had recovered the wreckage of a “flying disk.” A local newspaper put the story on its front page. 

Official Reports on the Roswell UFO Incident in USAF Documentary from 1997 (The Best Film Archives YouTube channel video)
Trump Discusses Declassifying Roswell, Says He knows ‘Very Interesting’ Information about Roswell (NBC News verified YouTube channel video)
2000s / 21st century history on the 24th of June

2002 : Igandu train disaster in Tanzania, Africa, killed 281 people, which made it the worst train accident in African history.

2004 : Capital punishment was declared unconstitutional in New York, USA.

2010 : The LONGEST TENNiS MATCH in professional tennis history started at Wimbledon, between John Isner of the United States who defeated Nicolas Mahut of France, in 11 hours & 5 minutes, which was played in 5 sets, over the duration of 3 days, until the 24th June. The final score was 6 – 4, 3 – 6, 6 – 7, 7 – 6 , 70 – 68 in a total of 183 games.

The World’s Longest Match in history : John Isner vs Nicolas Mahut at Wimbledon in 2010 (Wimledon verified YouTube channel video)
John Isner’s epic Wimbledon 2010 match vs. Nicolas Mahut from the ESPN Archives (ESPN verified YouTube channel video)

watch the world’s longest tennis match in full, all 11 hours here on this video

watch the world’s longest tennis match in full, all 11 hours on this video of John Isner vs Nicolas Mahut at Wimbledon in 2010 playing every shot of The Longest Match in Full (Wimledon verified YouTube channel video)

2010 : Julia Gillard assumed office as the 1st female Prime Minister of Australia.

Nation’s first elected female prime minister (ABC News Australia verified YouTube channel video)

2012 : Lonesome George the Galápagos tortoise died aged 101 to 102. He was the last known individual of the species of Chelonoidis nigra abingdonii, which is a subspecies of the Galápagos tortoise. George was first seen in 1971, on the island of Pinta, in the Galápagos Islands group, Ecuador.

Galapagos Tortoise Lonesome George Dies (Associated Press verified YouTube channel video)

UPDATE : The species might not be extinct…

Lonesome George, the Galapagos giant tortoise, could be back (On Demand News verified YouTube channel video)

2021 : Champlain Towers South COLLAPSED in Surfside, Florida, USA. The 12-story Miami beach front residential condominium suffered a partial pancake collapse at 1:30am while many residents were sleeping. The building was built in 1981 at 8777 Collins Avenue, in the Miami suburb of Surfside, in Florida, USA. Official website : ChamplainSouth.org | News updates still to come

This video actually shows South Florida building collapsing live on a video cam as it happened (FOX 13 Tampa Bay verified YouTube channel video)
Miami Beach condo building collapse – Surfside Florida rescue teams search rubble for casualties (The Sun verified YouTube channel video)

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