1500s / 16th century history on the 1st of September

1557 : Jacques Cartier, the French explorer, died aged 65 (born in 1491).

1800s / 19th century history on the 1st of September

1804 : Juno, a large asteroid in the main asteroid belt, was discovered by Karl Ludwig Harding, the German astronomer. It is also known as 3 Juno, one of the largest asteroids in the asteroid belt.

Animation of the asteroid Juno as imaged by ALMA (European Southern Observatory – ESO YouTube channel video) over 3000 views

1878 : Emma Nutt became the world’s 1st female telephone operator, when she started working at the Edwin Holmes Telephone Despatch aka the Boston Telephone Dispatch Company, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Emma Nutt was hired by Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the first practical telephone.

20 amazing facts about Emma M. Nutt, the World’s first female telephone operator (UpLife YouTube channel video)
1900s / 20th century history on the 1st of September

1914 : The last known passenger pigeon died. The female pigeon named Martha, died in captivity at the Cincinnati Zoo, aged 28 to 29. Web pages : Martha, the last Passenger Pigeon ~ Smithsonian | Martha (passenger pigeon) ~ Wikipedia

This Is Martha, the World’s Last-Known Passenger Pigeon (Smithsonian Channel verified YouTube channel video) over 40,000 views
Why Billions of Passenger Pigeons Died in Under a Century (SciShow verified YouTube channel video) over 250,000 views

1931 : Boxcar Willie, the American singer-songwriter, was born Lecil Travis Martin in Ovilla, Texas, USA (died in 1999 aged 67).

Boxcar Willie performing a medley of Cold Cold Heart, Take These Chains From My Heart and more (onemediamusic verified YouTube channel video) over 5 million views

1933 : Conway Twitty, the American singer-songwriter, was born Harold Lloyd Jenkins in Friars Point, Mississippi, UDA (died in 1993 aged 59).

1934 : The 1st Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer animated cartoon, The Discontented Canary, was released in colour at movie theatres.

1939 : Lily Tomlin, the American actress and comedian, was born Mary Jean Tomlin in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Official website : LilyTomlin.com

Lily Tomlin Monologue on Saturday Night Live television show (Saturday Night Live verified YouTube channel video) over 30,000 views

1939 : Adolf Hitler signed the Aktion T4, an order to start the systematic euthanasia of mentally ill and disabled people in Nazi Germany. The mass murder of up to 300,000 people took place from September 1939 until the end of the war in 1945, in psychiatric hospitals in Germany, Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic.

1946 : BARRY GiBB aka Sir Barry Alan Crompton Gibb (CBE) the British-American singer-songwriter, was born in Douglas, Isle of Man. He is best known as the co-founder of the the Bee Gees music group. Official websites : BarryGibb.com | BeeGees.com

Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive official music video (BeeGees verified YouTube channel video) over 154 million views
The Last BeeGee: Barry Gibb’s emotional first interview following Robin Gibb’s death (7NEWS Spotlight verified YouTube channel video) over 900,000 views
Barry Gibb performing Stayin’ Alive at Glastonbury in 2017 (BBC Music verified YouTube channel video) over 500,000 views

1950 : Phil McGraw aka Dr. Phil, the American talk show host, was born in Vinita, Oklahoma, USA. Official website : DrPhil.com

Dr.Phil before he was famous (Before They Were Famous verified YouTube channel video) over 300,000 views
Why Dr. Phil Abruptly Ends Interview and Asks Guest to Leave Stage (Dr. Phil verified YouTube channel video) over 20 million views

1952 : The Old Man and the Sea, novel by Ernest Hemingway, was published for the first time, in a print run of 50,000 copies. The book won the Pulitzer Prize in 1953.

The Old Man and the Sea short animation (Encore + verified YouTube channel video) over 2 million views

1957 : Gloria Estefan, Cuban-American singer-songwriter, was born Gloria María Milagrosa Fajardo García in Havana, Cuba.

Gloria Estefan – Here We Are – song released in 1989 – official music video (Gloria Estefan verified YouTube channel video) over 15 million views
Gloria Estefan with Miami Sound Machine performing Conga (Gloria Estefan verified YouTube channel video) over 29 million views

1965 : Craig McLachlan, the Australian actor, was born in Long Jetty, New South Wales, Australia.

1972 : Bobby Fischer (USA) became the world chess champion, after beating Boris Spassky (Russia), in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Bobby Fischer’s World Chess Championship in 1972 (Gotham Chess verified YouTube channel video) over 300,000 views

1974 : Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird set a record for flying from New York to London, a distance of 5,570 km (3,461 miles) in 1 hour 54 minutes and 56 seconds, at a speed of 2,310 km/h (1,435 miles per hour). The same flight route by the fastest commercial Concorde was 2 hours 52 minutes,  and a Boeing 747 takes 6 hours 15 minutes approximately.

USAF SR-71 Blackbird New York-London record during Farnborough 1974 (Aviation videos archives part 4 1975 – 2015 YouTube channel video)

1975 : Natalie Bassingthwaighte, the Australian singer-songwriter and actress, was born in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. She is the lead singer of the Rogue Traders rock band. Official websites : NatBass.com | RogueTraders.net

Natalie Bassingthwaighte – Someday Soon (NatBassingthwaighte verified YouTube channel video) over 600,000 views
Rogue Traders – Watching You – song released in 2006 (Rogue Traders verified YouTube channel video) over 400,000 views

1979 : Pioneer 11 NASA space probe became the first spacecraft to flyby Saturn, at a distance of 21,000 kilometres (13,000 miles).

1982 : The United States Air Force Space Command was founded, and remained active for 37 years, until 2019. Official website : AFSPC.af.mil | The AFSPC was re-designated as the United States Space Force : SpaceForce.mil

The Air Force Space Command video (Space Operations Command YouTube channel video) over 12,000 views

1985 : The RMS Titanic wreckage was found by a Franco-American expedition led by Jean-Louis Michel and Robert Ballard.

The wreck of the Titanic was discovered by Robert Ballard on the 1st of September in 1985 (HistoryPod YouTube channel video) over 18,000 views
2000s / 21st century history on the 1st of September

2012 : Hal David, the American songwriter, died aged 91 (born in 1921).

The legendary Songwriter Hal David died in LA, USA at the age of 91 (Associated Press verified YouTube channel video)

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