1200s / 13th century history on the 15th of June

1215 : MAGNA CARTA received the royal seal by King John, following a revolt by the English nobility against King John’s rule. The Magna Carta (aka Great Charter) document, was essentially a peace treaty between King John and his barons, that guaranteed the king would respect feudal rights and privileges, and uphold the freedom of the church, and maintain the nation’s laws. The Magna Carta was seen as a cornerstone in the development of democratic England by later generations.

The Magna Carta – 1215 – One of the most famous of all medieval texts (Voices of the Past verified YouTube channel video)
1600s / 17th century history on the 15th of June

1648 : The first execution for witchcraft in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, in America, when Margaret Jones was hanged in Boston for committing witchcraft, during a witch-hunt that lasted 45 years, from 1648 to 1693.

1667 : The first human blood transfusion was administered by Dr. Jean-Baptiste Denys.

1700s / 18th century history on the 15th of June

1752 : Benjamin Franklin proved that lightning was electricity.

Benjamin Franklin’s Bright Idea (Decades TV Network YouTube channel video)
1800s / 19th century history on the 15th of June

1836 : Arkansas was admitted as the 25th U.S. state.

1843 : Edvard GRiEG the Norwegian pianist and composer was born in Bergen, Norway, which was then known as United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway (died in 1907 aged 64).

Edvard Grieg – The Greatest Hits full album (Patefon Channel verified YouTube channel video)
Great Composers – Edvard Grieg (video uploaded on YouTube by Documentary Base YouTube channel)

1844 : Charles Goodyear received a patent for vulcanization, which strengthens rubber.

1878 : Eadweard Muybridge took a series of photographs as to prove a horse’s all four feet leave the ground when it is running. This study was the basis of what became motion pictures. This video is his proof to show a horse’s all 4 feet leave the ground when it is running

This Race Horse was the first Film ever. It was filmed in 1878 by Edward Muybridge (video)
Slices of Time: Eadweard Muybridge’s Cinematic Legacy (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art verified YouTube channel video)
1900s / 20th century history on the 15th of June

1911 : Wilbert Awdry (OBE) the English author and creator of Thomas the Tank Engine was born in Ampfield, Hampshire, England (died in 1997 aged 85).

The History of Thomas The Tank Engine – an Unofficial Fan Documentary (Fork in The Road Official YouTube channel video)

1934 : Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the United states was founded. Official website : nps.gov/grsm

Best Of Great Smoky Mountains National Park – America’s National Parks (National Geographic verified YouTube channel video)

1937 : Waylon Jennings the American singer-songwriter and guitarist was born Wayland Arnold Jennings in Littlefield, Texas, USA (died in 2002 aged 64). Official website : WaylonJennings.com

Waylon Jennings – Good Hearted Woman – song released in 1978 from Nashville Rebel (Waylon Jennings verified YouTube channel video)

1941 : Harry Nilsson the American singer-songwriter was born in Brooklyn, New York, USA (died in 1994 aged 52).

Harry Nilsson performing Everybody’s Talkin’ in 1968 (Beat-Club verified YouTube channel video)

1946 : DEMiS ROUSSOS the Egyptian-Greek singer was born Artemios Ventouris-Roussos in Alexandria, Egypt (died in 2015 aged 68).

Demis Roussos performing Forever and Ever (video uploaded by Paolo Mattaliano YouTube channel)
Demis Roussos performing Perdoname in 1975 (TopPop verified YouTube channel video)

1946 : Noddy Holder (MBE) the English rock singer was born Neville John Holder in Walsall, Staffordshire, England. He is the best known as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of Slade, a very successful 1970s English rock band. Official website : NoddyHolder.com

Slade – Run Runaway – song released in 1984 (offiicial music video uploaded by Ganarly Films YouTube channel)

1951 : STEVE WALSH the American rock singer-songwriter and musician was born in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. He is best known as a retired member of KANSAS rock band, where he sang lead on 4 of their hits Carry On Wayward Son, Dust in the Wind, All I Wanted, and Point of Know Return (the last 2 he co-wrote).

Kansas – Carry on Wayward Son – song released in 1977 (KANSAS verified YouTube channel video) over 42 million views

1954 : Jim Belushi the American actor was born James Belushi in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Official website : BelushisFarm.com

Star Trek: The Last Voyage on SNL featuring Capt. Kirk as John Belushi, Spock as Chevy Chase and Dr. McCoy as Dan Aykroyd (Saturday Night Live verified YouTube channel video) over 3 million views

1963 : Helen Hunt the American actress was born in Culver City, California, USA.

The Real Reason You Don’t Hear From Helen Hunt Anymore (Looper verified YouTube channel video) over 660,000 views

1964 : Courteney Cox the American actress was born in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

Friends: Best Moments From Season 2 Mashup (TBS verified YouTube channel video) over 16 million views

1969 : Ice Cube the American rapper and actor was born O’Shea Jackson in Los Angeles, California, USA. Official website : icecube.com

Ice Cube – It Was A Good Day – song released in 1983 (Ice Cube / Cubevision verified YouTube channel video) over 142 million views

1970 : Charles Manson went on trial for the murder of Sharon Tate and 4 other people, 10 months earlier (9th August 1969).

Susan Atkins – Charles Manson’s angel of death (60 Minutes Australia verified YouTube channel video) over 310,000 million views

1970 : Leah Remini the American actress was born in New York City, USA. Official website : LeahRemini.com

Leah Remini on the Joe Rogan Experience #908 (Powerful JRE verified YouTube channel video) over 9 million views

1973 : Neil Patrick Harris the American actor was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

73 Questions With Neil Patrick Harris (Vogue verified YouTube channel video) over 6 million views

1984 : Luke Hodge the Australian footballer was born in Colac, Victoria, Australia.

10 minutes of Luke Hodge & Sam Mitchell highlights (Hawthorn Football Club verified YouTube channel video) over 27,000 views

1985 : Rembrandt’s painting Danaë was attacked by an insane man, who threw sulfuric acid over it, then cut the canvas with a knife.

1991 : Mount Pinatubo volcano erupted in the Philippines, and killed more than 800 people. It was the 2nd largest volcanic eruption in the 20th century.

Eruption of Mount Pinatubo 1991 (Jason Ramos YouTube channel video)

1992 : Brett Whiteley (AO) the Australian painter died from an opiate overdose, aged 53 (born in 1939).

Brett Whiteley’s Advice For Young Artists (video)
Brett Whiteley Gallery Documentary (video)

1996 : Ella Fitzgerald the American jazz singer died from a stroke, aged 79 (born in 1917). Official website : EllaFitzgerald.com

Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington performing “It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)” on The Ed Sullivan Show on the 7th March 1965 (The Ed Sullivan Show verified YouTube channel video) over 770,000 views
2000s / 21st century history on the 15th of June

2012 : Nik Wallenda became the 1st person to walk a tightrope directly over Niagara Falls, successfully.

Nik Wallenda walks over Niagara Falls in 2012 (Niagra Falls Tourism YouTube channel video) over 237,000 views

2014 : Casey Kasem the American disc jockey and voice actor died aged 82 (born in 1932). He was best known as the creator of the American Top 40, and the voice of Shaggy in Scooby-Doo from 1969 to 2009.

Radio legend Casey Kasem dies (KOiN 6 verified YouTube channel video)

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