SEPTEMBER 13th ~ This Day in History video by History.com ~ 1814 : Key penned Star-Spangled Banner | & more about history on this day in the video… Francis Scott Key penned poem “The Defence of Fort McHenry” on the 13th September 1814, which was later set to music and became America’s national anthem “The Star-Spangled Banner” in 1931. The poem was written after Key witnessed the Maryland fort being bombarded by the British during the War of 1812. Key was inspired by the sight of a lone U.S. flag still flying over Fort McHenry at daybreak, which  is reflected in the “Star-Spangled Banner”.

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1501 ~ Michelangelo began work on the statue of David.

1609 ~ Henry Hudson reached the river that would be named the Hudson River, after him.

1850 ~ First ascent of Piz Bernina, the highest summit of the eastern Alps.

1898 ~ Hannibal Goodwin patented celluloid photographic film.

1899 ~ Henry Bliss was the first person in the United States to be killed in an automobile accident.

1899 ~ Mackinder, Ollier and Brocherel made the first ascent of Batian, the highest peak of Mount Kenya (5,199m – 17,058ft).

1906 ~ First flight of a fixed-wing aircraft in Europe.

1956 ~ The IBM 305 RAMAC was introduced, and was the first commercial computer to use disk storage.

1989 ~ The largest anti-Apartheid march in South Africa, was led by Desmond Tutu.

1994 ~ Ulysses probe passed the Sun’s south pole.

2001 ~ Civilian aircraft traffic resumed in the United States after the September 11 attacks.

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