May The 4th be With You meme gif
May The 4th be With You meme gif made by a Star Wars fan in 2017 (Wikipedia)

Star Wars Day May The Fourth Be With You official website banner cover header fan photos 4th May 2015

May The Fourth Be With You ~ Yoda
Yoda wishes you a very happy Star Wars Day


on STAR WARS DAY : 4th May 2018

Star Wars day celebrates Star Wars, the epic space film series created by George Lucas.

 The annual holiday is observed by the fans of Star Wars, and spread quickly on the internet via social media since the first organized celebration of Star Wars Day took place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the Toronto Underground Cinema.

The Star Wars Day Attack official special message video reveals the ugly truth about May the 4th ~ Say No To May The 4th video

The first reference to “May the fourth be with you” was on the 4th May  1979, when Margaret Thatcher took office as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on that day. Thatcher’s political party placed a congratulatory advertisement in The London Evening News that read “May the Fourth Be with You, Maggie. Congratulations.”

Star Wars Day May The 4th Be With You official website banner cover headerSee the Official May The 4th Web Page official website Star Wars Day page May 4th 2015 screenshot fans kids costume photos
The official Star Wars Day web page for May 4th in 2015 ~ official website


How Fans Celebrate Star Wars Day : May the 4th Be with You video : asked the fans at Emerald City Comicon what their plans were for Star Wars Day 2015…

LEGO® Star WarsCelebrates International Star Wars Day video :  May the 4th Be With You Australia! Many Melbournians joined the LEGO Master Builders Chris and Dan Steininger to build the world’s largest Millennium Falcon from LEGO bricks…

May The 4th Be With You video by SoKrispyMedia : You can never trust a Stormtrooper…

Lego Star Wars  – May the 4th video by Flap Jack Films…


May the Fourth be with you: Everything you need to know about ‘Star Wars’ Day (
by Stephen Iervolino at ABC News on May the 4th in 2017

May The Fourth be With You On Star Wars Day ( 

by Siobhan Kenna at the Huffington Post on May the 4th in 2017

This news story marks marks the 40 years since the first Star Wars film was released in 1977.

Holy Sith!.. When is Star Wars Day 2017 and why do people say May the fourth be with you? – All you need to know (

by Becky Pemberton at The Sun (UK) on May the 4th in 2017

May the 4th be with you on Star Wars Day ~ 2017 (

May the 4th be with you


Star Wars Day Shareables (

Nasa has provided some fun images for you to share with your friends online on May the 4th.

STAR WARS DAY REFERENCES Star Wars Day The Force (Star Wars)#Quotes Star Wars

The Star Wars Wikipedia contents include all the Star Wars films : Original trilogy, Prequel trilogy, The Clone Wars, Sequel trilogy, Anthology films, plus other other planned films. Star Wars in other media : television, print media, audio dramas, video games, multimedia projects. Other included topics are theme park attractions, comparisons with historical events, cultural impact, the industry, fan works, academia and merchandising. George Lucas


The official website for Star Wars with news, blog, videos, events, films, TV shows, games & apps, community and data bank. Also featuring the latest on Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Star Wars YouTube Video Channel (verified account) 

The official verified YouTube channel for Star Wars since the 27th August in 2005, now with over 2.5 million subscribers in 2018.

The Force Awakens Trailer video released in 2015 is he most viewed official Star Wars YouTube video with over 101 million views


Star Wars Facebook (verified account)

The official home of Star Wars for Australia & New Zealand on Facebook., now has over 19 million people like and follow this page (2018).

Star Wars Instagram (verified account)

The official home of Star Wars on Instagram, contains over almost 3000 posts, with over 9 million followers (2018).

Star Wars Twitter (verified account)

The official home of Star Wars on Twitter, with over 34,000 tweets to 3.89 million followers (2018).

Star Wars Tumblr (official account)

Official transmissions from a galaxy far, far away… jump into hyperspace. Features artist of the week, behind the scenes, spotlight of the week, comic strips, concept art, gifs, posters. You can submit your Star Wars fan art here.

Star Wars Google+ (official account)

The official home of Star Wars on Google+


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