FiREFiGHTERS CALENDARS featuring Australian firefighters

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Firefighting big red firetruck flashing lights animated photo graphic gifEach year in Australia, the volunteer firefighters anxiously wait and prepare for the hot Summer forecast. Will it be worse than the previous year, more dangerous?.. another Ash Wednesday or Black Saturday?..  The journalists at the Sunrise TV breakfast program have covered many bushfire seasons, seeing the dedication of fire fighting volunteers aka firies, saving lives and homes, seeing fire destroy communities, and also witness these towns and suburbs rebuild.Red fire alarm bell ringing warning animated gif graphic The Sunrise 2015 Fire Calendar is a tribute to them all. Money raised will go to the Red Cross, to help future fire-affected communities. Price $16.50 via PayPal.

ORDERS For The SUNRiSE 2015 FiRE CALENDARS ARE NOW CLOSEDSunrise 2015 Fire Calendar volunteer firefighters fireman firies Red Cross fundraising charity fire servicesORDERS For The SUNRiSE 2015 FiRE CALENDARS ARE NOW CLOSED

Firefighting big red firetruck flashing lights animated photo graphic gifOFFiCiAL LAUNCH of The SUNRiSE 2015 FiRE CALENDAR

Monday 17th November 2014

Edwina Bartholomew aka Eddy presents the weather as she celebrates the launch of the Sunrise 2015 Fire Calendar (Monday 17th November 2014 ViDEO [no longer available]

Thank you to each and every…
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2015 Fire Calendar by Sunrise 


Sunrise official website Yahoo7 TV breakfast weekday show hosts Samantha Armytage David Koch Kochie 2015 Fire Calendar screenshot
Sunrise presents the 2015 Fire Calendar (hosts: Samantha Armytage & David Koch aka Kochie)
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The Sunrise Fire Calendars for the Red Cross were proudly printed for free by the good people at Blue Star Printing 

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YOU can become a FiREFiGHTER

In a career as a firefighter in Victoria, no day is the same. The role has real variety and genuine career pathways, regardless of your previous experience or background. Firefighting as a career is suited to people with a genuine desire to serve the community, to make a real difference, and thrive while working in a team environment.

You don’t need to have firefighting or other emergency response skills to apply, because all the necessary training is provided. For more information visit

update : 2018


The Australian Firefighters Calendar was established in 1993 to support the Children’s Hospital Foundation, to provide funds for research into children’s burns. It is now in the 26th year, and The Australian Firefighters Calendar has raised over $2.8 million for various charities.