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Warrnambool’s wombat street art is a happy accident : Jimmi was testing out a temporary street art design on the bridge next door, only to find it had been made permanent by the guy who used to get rid of graffiti. This is the story of how the town of Warrnambool wound up with its distinctive new art, that’s gone viral, with over 38 million views on the Facebook video.

The YouTube video has had over 61,000 views…38deo by Emily Bissland @ ABC South West Victoria

Wombat mural pastel art design on bridge in Warrnambool by Jimmi Buscombe burrow hole in wall cracked optical illusion
The Wombat artwork design on the bridge by Jimmi Buscombe

This is the funny story of the temporary wombat artwork by Jimmi Buscombe, which unexpectedly became a permanent piece of street art, due to Phil Hoye secretly preserving it forever, in Warrnambool, Australia, and now going viral around the World.

Warrnambool wombat man Jimmi Buscombe artist & Phil Hoye painter thumbs up Otway Rd Flaxman St railway bridge ABC video type
The Warrnambool wombat man, artist Jimmi Buscombe (left) & Phil Hoye (right) the man that saved the wombat artwork forever on the railway bridge (Emily Bissland – ABC video)

This real-life comedy of errors brought together two unlikely friends that were divided by the wall of the railway bridge, between their homes. Now they are great mates due to this wombat.

Wombat face close up eyes nose chalk street art bridge mural by Jimmi Buscombe Warrnambool artist 2018 photo
The wombat mural chalk art by artist Jimmi Buscombe on a railway bridge in Warrnambool

The Facebook video had over 16 million views in the first 12 days…video by Emily Bissland @ ABC South West Victoria

The “Accidental wombat mural in Warrnambool” video was uploaded by ABC South West ViC on  Wednesday 1st August 2018, and had over 12 million views within the first week of being uploaded, and over 21 million views in the first 3 weeks, with a total of 38 million views in 2 months.

Featured on Sunrise TV  on Sunday 12th August 2018 :

Warrnambool’s Wombat Warriors (Seven Network)

Where is the wombat mural in Warrnambool?

The wombat mural by Jimmi Buscombe can be seen at the Otway Road rail overpass bridge.

The Google Street View of the bridge location (before the wombat mural appeared on the left side) 

Wombat mural pastel art on bridge in Warrnambool by Jimmi Buscombe burrow hole in wall cracked optical illusion
The Wombat pastel art on the bridge by Jimmi Buscombe

About the artist ~ Jimmi Buscombe

aka The Wombat Man of Warrnambool 

Jimmi Buscombe is a professional artist based on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. He specialises in highly detailed portraiture, utilizing various methods and mediums, which include pencils, paints and pastels, creating stunning life like artworks. Read more about Jimmi 

visit Jimmi Buscombe’s art website : website public street art commissions wombat artist dog pets pastel portraits yellow tailed black cockatoo bird painting 2018 type
The website (2018)

Jimmi Buscombe’s art for sale :


Jimmi Buscombe on social media :

Jimmi Buscombe Facebook page artist wombat street artwork photo profile pic 2018
Facebook profile pic (2018)

over 10,000 people like the Jimmi Buscombe Artist page 

Jimmi Buscombe Facebook page wombat artist yellow tailed black cockatoo painting pastels street art photos 2018
Jimmi Buscombe Facebook page (August 2018)


over 1600 followers (August 2018)

About Phil Hoye

The man that preserved the Warrnambool wombat art forever

Phil Hoye lives in Warnnambool, originally from Gooroc near St Arnaud, in Victoria. He was once the graffiti removalist contractor for Warrnambool City Council. Phil is a involved in a local business, Country 2 Coast Painting Services.…

About Emily Bissland

The wombat mural video producer 

Emily Bissland is the Senior Features Reporter for ABC South West Victoria, based in Warrnambool. Emily produces feature stories across multiple platforms including video, audio, photography and ABC Online articles. more about Emily Bissland at Open ABC & |

More about the wombat mural

Warrnambool’s popular wombat mural a happy accident ~ ABC South West Vic By Emily Bissland and Matt Neal (2nd August 2018)

Wombat Bridge Mural ~ : Warrnambool Street Art is an initiative of the Warrnambool  City Council

Warrnambool Wombat Street Art ~ Animated video by Shaun on Youtube (user/Films789) This is a homemade cartoon animation about the Warrnambool wombat mural…

Notable people connected with Warrnambool

  • Dave Hughes the comedian, radio & television presenter was born in Warrnambool in 1970, where he attended Christian Brothers’ College. Hughesy co-hosts Hughesy & Kate on the radio, and hosts Hughesy, We Have a Problem on TV.
  • Tom Ballard the openly gay comedian, radio & television presenter was born in Warrnambool in 1989, where he attended Brauer Secondary College.  Tom is best known as host of Tonightly with Tom Ballard, a news and culture TV program on ABC Comedy channel, since 2017.
  • Alex Dyson the radio presenter was born in Warrnambool in 1988, where he began his radio career on Warrnambool community radio station, 3WAY FM with Tom Ballard. Alex isbest known as a host on Triple J
  • Smoky Dawson the country music performer briefly lived in Warrnambool.
  • Ben Barber the actor on Neighbours grew up in Warrnambool.
  • Paul Jennings the children’s author lives in Warrnambool.
  • Sir John Eccles the Nobel Prize winner in physiology or medicine attended Warrnambool High School (now College).
  • Brian Fitzpatrick the author, historian, journalist, and one of the founders of the Australian Council for Civil Liberties, was born in Warrnambool.
  • Danielle Green a Member of Victorian Parliament was raised and educated in Warrnambool.
  • Sally Walker the Law Professor, Vice-Chancellor & President of Deakin University studied at Warrnambool College.
  • Airbourne the hard rock band formed in Warrnambool in 2003.
  • Jono Pech the author and podcast host from Warrnambool.
  • Jimmi Buscombe the artist that drew a wombat on a bridge in Warrnambool.
  • Phil Hoye the bloke that saved Jimmi’s wombat art on the bridge in Warrnambool.

About Warrnambool

Warrnambool is a large town on the south-western coast of Victoria, Australia, with a population of 34,618 (June 2016). Warrnambool is located at the western end of the Great Ocean Road on the Princes Highway, and at the southern end of the Hopkins Highway.

The word Warrnambool originates from the local indigenous Australian name for a nearby volcanic cone, and also interpreted to mean land between two rivers, two swamps or ample water.

The first documented European discovery of Warrnambool was in 1800, by Lieutenant James Grant, a Scottish explorer who sailed the Lady Nelson along the coast and named several features.

Visit Warrnambool

I Am Warrnambool video : Warrnambool offers spectacular beauty and wild nature of the raw Southern Ocean, beside the city lifestyle experience. This combination offers a great variety of opportunities for relaxation, refined refreshment, adventure and rejuvenation, as you’ll see on this video…

Visit Warrnambool website “I am Warrnambool”

The  website by Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism provides a main menu featuring : Where to stay, What to see & do, What’s on, and Getting there.  Plan your visit with suggested itineraries that cover local coffee spots, beaches and lookouts. The Holiday Blog helps you discover the hidden secrets of Warrnambool from other holiday makers, with tips on trips with kids, the best eating spots, and things to do on rainy days.

Flagstaff Hill @ Warrnambool ~ experience history

Warrnambool ~

Warrnambool’s next top models captured by @maricrisflartz

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#stepbackintime at Flagstaff Hill photo by @big4hopskinriver

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Jimmi will keep you posted about the wombat happenings on Facebook…

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