1200s / 13th century history on the 15th of June

1215 : MAGNA CARTA received the royal seal by King John, following a revolt by the English nobility against King John’s rule. The Magna Carta (aka Great Charter) document, was essentially a peace treaty between King John and his barons, that guaranteed the king would respect feudal rights and privileges, and uphold the freedom of the church, and maintain the nation’s laws. The Magna Carta was seen as a cornerstone in the development of democratic England by later generations.

The Magna Carta – 1215 – One of the most famous of all medieval texts (Voices of the Past verified YouTube channel video)
1600s / 17th century history on the 15th of June

1648 : The first execution for witchcraft in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, in America, when Margaret Jones was hanged in Boston for committing witchcraft, during a witch-hunt that lasted 45 years, from 1648 to 1693.

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