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GRAPHiC DESiGN : What the? Hidden Messages in the World’s Famous Logos! |

iLLUSTRATiON :  Very Clever ‘Cartoon Bombing’ by French illustrator Troqman ~ |

PAiNTiNGS : Paintings That Will Make You Question Everything Wrong in This |

18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently

Art as Therapy: Alain de Botton ~

Amazing Beach Art (by

Fire Paintings: Artist Draws With Flames And

Japanese One Stroke Dragon Art 一筆龍 FreeHand

i, Leonardo ~  i, Leonardo

Eve Plumb aka Jan Brady from The Brady Bunch is also an artist : | | Eve Plumb website : | YouTube video : Artist Eve Plumb opening her show “Kaleidoscope” at Chasen Gallery, Richmond, Virginia, USA. Her collection features nostalgic images of still life pulled from home and photographs…

David Zinn’s Quirky Chalk and Charcoal Characters on the Streets of Ann Arbor ~

Charles “Sparky” Schulz Draws Charlie Brown (Official Video)

Bunch of 5s

Colour in Your Life (Mazuma Productions / Graeme Stevenson) YouTube videos

Google Puts the World at the Tip of Painter’s Brush (abc News)

Now Where Was I? A Sketchbook Memoir by Steven Reddy ( |

Sketching Art Lesson with Kate Jenvey-Ferguson (YouTube video)

The Coolest Tattoo Artists In The World

World bodypainting champion’s stunning pictures: See Johannes Stoetter’s amazing creations on human canvas

Belgrave Fire Brigade Art Show (CFA)

Vincent Van Google: Artist uses Street View website to travel the world virtually (Daily Mail Australia)

Bill Guffey CBC Interview (YouTube video) | |

Artist Arranges Rocks And Leaves Into Beautiful Geometric Land Art ~ Dietmar Voorwold, a German land-artist, and art therapist based in Scotland, creates works of natural land art by arranging rocks, leaves and other natural materials into beautiful geometric shapes and patterns.  “It is just for the moment. This is a very therapeutic aspect of my way of creating art.” ~ Dietmar Voorwold ~

5-Year-Old Girl With Autism Expresses Herself Through Incredible Paintings ~ Distractify | Iris Grace: 5-Year-Old Art Genius Likened to Monet ~ After Autistic Girl Finds Success in Art World, Parents Shield Her From Spotlight ~ | |  |

The inventor of the world’s first programmable computer, Konrad Zuse, became an artist, and painted when he retired. See some Konrad Zuse paintings

 Stephen Wiltshire 2015 Calendar

 Artist Uses Sharpie to Give Nissan Skyline GTR One of a Kind Paint Job ~

Kids Who Love Art Are Better At

The Art of The Brick ~ Nathan Sawaya ~ Meet Nathan Sawaya, LEGO Brick Artist and Master Model Builder (YouTube video) Nathan Sawaya assembles millions of LEGO pieces into incredible sculptures, one brick at a time. At his Art of the Brick museum exhibit, Nathan chats about his process of sculpting with LEGO, how he earned the title of Master Model Builder, and advice for anyone who wants to start using LEGO as an art medium… ✔ The ART of LiViNG LiFE from A to Z Guide